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Sennheiser PXC 550-II – Comfortable, Aesthetic And Sonically Superior

Sennheiser, PXC 550-II, headphones

There’s a lot to love about the Sennheiser wireless PXC range, namely the sound quality and focus on design and comfort.

Sennheiser’s slogan is ‘The pursuit of perfect sound’ encapsulates exactly what they’re all about. Every product must be improved. The sound must be clearer, sharper and stronger than last time – after all, it is a pursuit.

So what does the PXC 550-II hold in store for the music lovers?

Superior Audio

On the path towards sound clarity, a critical stopover to visit is connectivity, which is why the PXC 550-II has bluetooth 5.0 compatibility and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) Codec. The pairing of the two means that no matter what type of audio it is, movies or music, the sound will be balanced, sharp and in-sync at all times.

smart control app, sennheiser

With the free app, Smart Controls, users can personalise the sound to their liking. Choose from a range of presets for different types of audio or completely customise the sound with an equaliser.

Comfortable for long listening periods

Comfortable to wear for long periods of listening times and the active noise cancellation is very effective. No matter the environment you’re in, whether it be crying baby or with loud sounds in your area, the PXC 550-II can adapt to the many ambiance to provide just the right amount of noise suppression; It even works in windy conditions with the anti-wind setting.

PXC 550-II, Sennheiser, headphones

There is 20 hours of battery life while your headphones are connected via bluetooth with the noise cancellation activated. You gain an extra 10 hours if you use it wired and without the active noise cancellation mode. All of this can be done within the app as well.

If you’re on the move, the handy triple microphone array makes voice commands easier than ever to use. Pair this with the touchpad that lets you turn it up or turn it down, skip the song, and accept calls, and you have everything you need for a long journey.


Although aesthetically pleasing to look at it, its design has its uses. The lightweight feel and ergonomic shape with its padded headband and rotating earcups make it so as to avoid that painful and fatiguing feeling you get after a few hours use. The pads make the wearing experience as comfortable as possible – without the sore-to-the-touch ears to the point where you need to take a break from the headphones.

PXC 550-II, headphones

Sennheiser has seemingly improved on all fronts, which is maybe something you’d expect given the price. At $549.95 AU, you’re getting a powerfully efficient set of headphones, that are both lightweight and comfortable while keeping its signature simple look.

You can buy the PXC 550-II wireless headphones on the Sennheiser website or at selected retailers.

Robyn Foyster

Written by Robyn Foyster

Robyn Foyster is an award-winning journalist and former Editor-In-Chief of The Australian Women's Weekly. She is also the owner and publisher of Women Love Tech, Game Changers and The Carousel. Robyn is the owner and founder of a tech business called AR tech, where she helped create the world's first AR community shopping app called Sweep and her team produced the 2018 Vivid app. She is a speaker and a judge of the Telstra Business Awards and Mumbrella Awards. Robyn is passionate about supporting women in STEM.


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