These Headphones Can Help You Feel Safer on Your Run

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 7 June 2024

Let’s be clear: The case for female safety should not rely on her choice of headphones. However, the unfortunate reality is that a growing number of women have raised awareness about their security while working out. In fact, according to research by “The Ridiculous Run” (a survey conducted by Adidas on 9,000 runners from nine different countries) 92% of women reported feeling concerned for their safety. With over half afraid of being physically attacked. And, while the onus should certainly not be on women to change their choices to avoid harassment, the right pair of noise-isolating headphones can certainly help alleviate feelings of vulnerability. Including the new Shokz OpenFit Air – an excellent option for those wanting to invest in a new pair of running headphones for women.

Shokz Audio is so confident in its ability to deliver premium stereo sound and the safety and comfort of an open-ear design to consumers that they have patented its open-ear technology.

In fact, since 2011, Shokz has utilised this proprietary technology and its signature open-ear design to help headphone wearers of all genders improve situational awareness and stay connected to their surroundings. Known as DirectPitch Technology, it transmits sound to the ear by precisely directing sound waves and creating an optimised sound field with varying pressure distribution. This design lets users enjoy all-day comfort and hear their own soundtrack while being open to their surroundings.

Furthermore, complementing this is the OpenFit Air’s over-ear hook and soft silicone enclosure. A secure and comfortable fit makes it ideal for both work and workouts. Including outdoor walkers and runners who want to enjoy the sounds of nature while keeping their hands free.

Running headphones for women Shokz OpenFit Air

From a performance standpoint, the OpenFit Air delivers impressive sound quality. The audio is crisp and immersive, enhancing the overall listening experience with rich bass and clear highs. That means your headphones have the ability to provide immersive sound without sacrificing awareness. Unlike traditional headphones that block out ambient noise, the open-ear design of the OpenFit Air allows users to hear important sounds such as traffic, pedestrians, or potential threats while still listening to music, podcasts, or taking calls. This feature is especially crucial for those who prioritise safety during outdoor activities like running or walking.

In terms of design, the OpenFit Air is an ode to both fashion and function. Sleek and stable, it also provides stability during movement, ensuring that the headphones stay in place even during vigorous exercise. Additionally, the soft silicone enclosure is comfortable to wear for extended periods, reducing the risk of discomfort or irritation commonly associated with earbud-style headphones. Plus its available in three stylish shades (black, white and pink).

Overall, the Shokz OpenFit Air is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a balance of safety, comfort, and performance in their headphones.

While it’s unfortunate that safety concerns continue to be a reality for many, products like the OpenFit Air offer a practical solution for those who want to feel more secure during their outdoor activities.

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