Simone Biles Stars In New Snap Original Series, ‘Daring Simone Biles’

By Alice Duthie
on 18 August 2022

Simone Biles’ new Snap Original, Daring Simone Biles, will premiere Saturday, August 20 on Snapchat.

We all know Simone Biles as the fearless gymnast who has won 7 Olympic Gold medals and 25 World Champion medals! Having already achieved 2 World Championship Golds in 2013 at just the age of 16, she has always been commended by many for her perseverance and strength at such a young age.

Unafraid of flying through the air at crazy speeds, it’s without a doubt that Simone loves a challenge.

Now, in the new Snap Original, Daring Simone Biles, we get to follow her as she pushes herself even further out of her comfort zone! Getting off the gym mat, and taking on new challenges, Simone will host her own talk show, interview fellow Olympians, spend the day as a beekeeper, try out DJing, and even compete against her fiancé Jonathan Owens (American football safety for the Houston Texans).

Simone Biles
Daring Simone Biles will premiere Saturday, August 20 on Snapchat

Simone sums up the purpose behind her new series, commenting in the trailer, “The most amazing journeys in life start when you dare to experience something new”.

We’re excited to watch this series, and can’t wait to feel inspired along the way.

New episodes of the 10-part series will air every other day through 7 September, exclusively on Snapchat.

Watch the trailer below, and subscribe to watch the Snap Original here.

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