Fur Baby: Simple 6 Step Method to Animal Communication

By Women Love Tech
on 2 June 2018

Worried About Your Fur Baby? Simple 6 Step Method to Animal Communication.

Going on holidays is about stepping out of your everyday world into a new adventure or truly relaxing time. Free of everyday worries, expectations and to get some time to yourself. Well, that’s not going to happen if you’re worried about who’s looking after your pets while you’re away!

Step into my world of Animal Communication for a moment. Imagine being able to connect with your pet anytime or place in the world and sense how they’re doing. What peace of mind would that give you to know you can contact them by simply having their photo in front of you?

Well, that’s a world that you can be living in with your pet every single day. I know when I travel, I always check in with my boys to see if they’re doing ok and not wrapping the pet sitter around their paw. Everyone can learn how to do this, it’s really easy and uses simple mindfulness methods to open the door of Animal Communication.

If you’re interested in learning to talk with your pet, then we have Animal Communication  1 Day Workshops you attend in Sydney OR if you want to do in your own time, I’ve created an Online Course for Beginners. Oh, and by the way, you will receive messages from your pets from the very first workshop.

Let’s give you a simple breakdown of my Simple 6 Step Method to Animal Communication:

  1. Write what you want to say – like you would tell a five-year-old
  2. Ground your energy – make sure you’re present and fully in your body
  3. Connect with your pet – get a photo and just stare into their eyes
  4. Read out loud your message – while looking into their photo, read what you’ve written slowly and out loud
  5. Sit back and wait – take a couple of breath and relax your body. Be aware of any thoughts, images or emotions that pop up. This is how they communicate back
  6. Negotiate – once you’ve steps 1-5 down pat, negotiation is the key to making an agreement with your pet.

Never worry again about your pet while you’re away. You can check in with them anytime that works for you and have peace of mind knowing they have a direct line to contact you too.

Women Love Tech would like to thank Simonne Lee for this article.

Photo by Matthew Henry

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