SingularityU Australia Summit: Educational And Empowering

By Women Love Tech
on 20 October 2019

Held at the ICC in Sydney on October 22 and 23, 2019, the SingularityU Australia Summit aims to explore exponential technologies and see how they’re positively impacting the world in light of the increasing importance of science and technology.

We’re in the midst of major transitional period in technology that will affect all aspects of human life, especially with the increasingly advancing technologies. With an expected 1,200 delegates, the SingularityU Australian Summit will attract executives, government officials, entrepreneurs, investors, NGOs, impact partners, educators and social impact leaders, all of whom are looking to shift from idea to action!

People attending will hear from the world’s leading thinkers in biotech, big data, energy, cyber security, manufacturing and disruption. “They’ll be able to explore the exciting convergence of exponential technologies, connect with people to exchange and build-out ideas, and co-create a better world,” explains SingularityU Australia Summit Co-CEO Christina Gerakiteys.  

SingularityU Australia Summit
SingularityU Australia Summit Co-CEO’s Lisa Andrews and Christina Gerakiteys

Christina and her Co-CEO Lisa Andrews are excited to showcase the following four key speakers:

Dr. Jordan Nguyen

SingularityU Australia Summit

A biomedical engineer who will showcase his technologies that include social robotics for aged care, inclusive mixed reality games, virtual avatar technologies and a range of eye-controlled and brain-wave controlled software for people with disabilities. He is passionate about bettering our quality of life.

Amin Toufani

Amin Toufani, SingularityU Australia Summit

The CEO of T Labs will delve into the concept of longevity through exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology. Current trends point to changes in human evolution and the subsequent emergence of the Homo Vivus – humans with significantly longer lifespans. Amin talks to us about what we can do to join the Homo Vivus.

Anuraj Gambhir


Thought leader and technological visionary who will focus on exponential technology applications such as smart devices like wearables, 3D Visualisation, HNI (Human-Nature Interface), and more. He hopes that these technologies can break through and benefit under-privileged communities across the world.

Alex Gladstein

Alex Gladstein

The Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation will also be speaking at the summit about the role of technology in terms of our future society. Will technology enhance our creativity and possibilities, or crush it? He focuses on how decentralised money is especially important for the future of freedom.

Another part of the summit is Tech Hub, which will showcase the latest exponential technological advancements. These include:


Which has the ability to transfer virtual sensation to the human body via electrical impulses. This would change the game in terms of rehabilitation, athletics and training for all kinds of athletes. The Teslasuit will be on display and available to demo.

Rastrum by Inventia Life Science

A 3D bioprinter of living biological structures used to accelerate the discovery of drugs for cancer and other diseases.


Technology that lets user control devices with their eyes such as computers and even wheelchairs. Further developments in music, communication, games and video streaming are being explored.


An app for the visually impaired that tells users where they are and what’s around them, along with which route they should take to get to their destination most efficiently.

UNSW School of Medical Sciences:

The UNSW School of Medical Sciences aims to develop medicines that may prevent and/or treat diseases of old age, with a single therapy. Their ultimate goal is to allow people to live healthier, disease-free lives. Renowned longevity researchers Dr David Sinclair and Dr Lindsay Wu have focused on genes and small molecules that mimic exercise and calorie restriction, a diet that slows the pace of ageing in animals. They have been testing genes and small molecules to protect against common age-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, infertility and type II diabetes.

Global Impact Challenge

During the summit, the winners of the Global Impact Challenge will be announced. The purpose of the SingularityU Challenge is to foster entrepreneurs, startups and anyone with moonshot ideas to be able to make positive impact. Applicants were asked to come up with an idea that would solve a global grand challenge using exponential technology. The winner will receive a full scholarship to attend SingularityU’s Global Startup Program (GSP).

Check out the video below to find out more.

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