Sipora: Helping You Save Your Spare Change From Card Purchases

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on 22 September 2019

With a national credit card debt of $30 billion and over $1 Billion in debt from Buy Now, Pay Later platforms; Australians are increasingly spending beyond their means. New app Sipora is taking aim at this growing consumer debt by encouraging shoppers to save easily and spend guilt-free. Its innovative all-in-one app merges spare change round-up technology with an in-app retail experience to combine spending and splurging in the best of both worlds. 

Designed and developed in Sydney, Sipora is a one-stop app that combines your favourite retailers with an intuitive round-up technology, allowing you to save quickly and easily then splurge on your dream item – with no debt and no accumulating interest. Users can choose to only round-up from purchases made, or allocate an amount to save regularly, while also making a wish list of items they want to purchase from top retailers including, Lululemon, Sephora and Bing Lee.

As Co-Founder Jonathan explains:

Consumers often use Buy Now, Pay Later schemes because they want the instant gratification of purchasing something they can’t immediately afford. Sipora offers consumers a way to save for something they want in a relatively short period of time, without relying on credit or Buy Now, Pay Later debt”

The app connects to a user’s bank account simply & securely using technology provided by secure platform Basiq, ensuring there are no privacy or financial safety concerns. It’s quick and easy to set your chosen round-up amount, with a simple choice of $1, $2 or $5 automatically going into your Sipora savings account whenever you spend from your connected bank account. From the login dashboard, you can see your nest egg growing, set a savings goal for yourself and track which of your daily purchases are adding up with automated round-ups.

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The real beauty of Sipora is its all-in-one shop/save/spend functionality. While savings accumulate in the background, you can also browse a range of online stores, add items to a wishlist and build up to splurging once there is enough in the ‘Wallet’. Exclusive retail and free shipping offers are all part of the package. Desperately need that treat this week? No problem, you can add a one-off top-up to your wallet straight from your connected bank account.

Why was Sipora built as a one-stop shop? Saving is rewarded by gratification, you’re still able to get the little luxuries in life without getting into debt. Trying to save without offering that gratification is less likely to become a long-lasting consumer habit.”

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With big plans for the future and a mission to reduce commonplace debt culture, Sipora is an intuitive app that offers Australian consumers an easy way to create healthy financial habits without depriving themselves of deserved treats. 

You can download the Sipora app from the App Store or Google Play Store or find out more at

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