Six Best Christmas Apps of 2023

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 24 December 2023

Between the stresses of Secret Santa and Aunty Sue’s latest trifle crisis,  it’s unsurprising that a growing number of Aussies are struggling to find the merry in Merry Christmas. Fortunately, however, ‘tis also the season for tech to shine. And offer a range of solutions to help you bring a little joy to the world (or at the very least your plans for a peaceful – and silent – Xmas eve). From last-minute gift ideas to lunch menus, we’ve unwrapped the best Christmas apps of 2023 to help you sleigh the silly season this year.

All about Advent: Christmas Countdown 2023

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the silly season, the Christmas Countdown 2023 app can help you slow down and bring the joy and excitement of the big day back. With an adorable design and a real time counter ticking away the months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Christmas Day, the app ensures you’re filled with anticipation. Additionally, features like a customisable wish list, festive quotes, and a built-in Santa tracker help you keep the Christmas spirit alive as the big day approaches.

Perfect present planning: Gifster

Navigating the gift-giving maze can be challenging, but Gifster makes it a breeze. This free, family wishlist app, boasting over two million members, ensures you get gifts right every time. Easily add items from anywhere, share wish lists in a private family group, and use the handy fetch feature to automatically fill out item details. Gifster prevents duplicate gifts and returns, making it an invaluable tool for organising gift lists, especially for group celebrations. It’s like having your own Christmas elves streamlining the process and nobody to judge whether you have been naughty or nice!

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Cooking up Christmas joy: Kitchen Stories

Eating, drinking and being merry go hand in hand. Which is why an app that helps you plan the perfect Christmas day menu is so important. Whether your home is all about the ham or you’re #teamturkey, Kitchen Stories makes Christmas day cooking easy and enjoyable. From step-by-step guides to a vibrant community of passionate chefs worldwide, the is a feast for both beginners and experienced home cooks, offering practical cooking tools, personal cookbooks, and the ability to explore community recipes to ensure you’ll impress everyone at the table with your festive creations. With over 10,000 recipes, you could say the proof is in the Christmas pudding.

‘Tis the season for travel: Culture Trip

For those hitting the road (or the air!) during the Christmas season, Culture Trip is the ultimate travel companion. Discover the best things to see, do, and eat at your destination, build wish lists, and get tips based on your location. Whether it’s finding a hidden gem for lunch in Melbourne’s CBD or a great bar in Bali, this app ensures you make the most of every moment, with locals-only tips and insights.

Give the gift of giving: Charitabl.

With so many people doing it tough this year, never has the old adage that it is “better to give than to receive” run truer than at Christmas. Embrace the true spirit of the season by giving back with Charitabl. This revolutionary app acts as a one-stop shop for donating to over 39,000 charities, providing Australians with an easy way to make a difference with a single swipe. With 15 years in the non-profit sector, co-founder Mike Gore emphasises the app’s mission to centralise charity giving, making it a game-changer for Australian charities. Charitabl. aims to build trust in the charity sector, ensuring that generosity is easier and more impactful, especially during times of crisis.

Kids corner: Norad Santa Tracker

Engage the little ones in the holiday magic with the Norad Santa Tracker. This official tracking technology lets kids keep an eye on Santa’s journey in real time, adding an extra layer of excitement to Christmas Eve. For a little more festive fun, try the Speak to Santa Christmas call app and the Elf on the Shelf app, which offers daily photos to inspire every elf during the Christmas season.

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