Six Clever Tools For Outsmarting The Cost Of Living Crisis

By Erin Huckle
on 19 April 2023

The cost of living might be rising, but smart cookies can use tech to make better decisions and big savings – from discounts on groceries and fuel, to managing the costs of your gas and smart swaps that could save you hundreds (or even thousands) of hard-earned dollars.

While we haven’t found that magical money tree our parents used to always talk about, we have found some clever and accessible ways to make your cash go further. Best of all, you can start using them from today, no delay.

1. Save money on your fuel.

So you could save money on your fuel by not driving and catching the bus or walking where you need to go, but in the real world that just isn’t always possible. With fuel prices fluctuating daily, save dollars at the fuel pump with a petrol tracking app to help you find the cheapest fuel. We love the Fuel Lock on the free My 7/11 app, which lets you search for the cheapest fuel price in your area and fill up at that price from any 7/11 petrol station. Genius.

cost of living
Six Clever Tools For Outsmarting The Cost Of Living Crisis

2. Discover big impact discounts.

There’s no denying it, for most of us food is one of our biggest weekly expenses – whether you’re feeding yourself or a full house, those grocery bills can be eye-watering. So look for clever ways to save. Some supermarkets offer discounts for your first online or pick-up shop, or will have seasonal discount codes when you spend over a certain amount – ideal for stocking up on longlife items you know you’ll need to buy time and again, like cereal and canned goods. If you’re in the market for a new insurance provider, customers with Everyday Insurance from Woolworths save 10% on one grocery shop per month, which could save you hundreds by the end of the year.

3. Shop for groceries online.

While we’re on the topic of big food shops, get organised and do your shopping online. Whether you pay for delivery, or choose the free ‘click and collect’ or ‘direct to boot’ options offered by Coles and Woolworths, research from YouGov found that Australians could save as much as $1,360 annually by shopping online, as you’re able to track what’s going in your basket and watch your total as you shop. So no more temptations with those ‘specials’ at the end of each aisle that weren’t on your shopping list.

cost of living
Six Clever Tools For Outsmarting The Cost Of Living Crisis

4. Get smart about your gas bill.

Making a budget and sticking to it is a sure-fire way to get through these tough times. But how to plan ahead when bills are skyrocketing and unpredictable? Check out the fixed plans from Elgas so that you can budget for the gas supply to your home, with no nasty surprises. Or if you’re feeling more open to change, a variable plan can give you great rates from day one. It’s all about finding the right plan to suit you, your needs, AND your budget. 

5. Cashback for the win.

If you can’t resist a bit of online shopping, make it work for you with cash back on your purchases with online tools like Cash Rewards. Simply sign-up for free, and then shop online at your favourite stores and earn dollars back into your account. Who doesn’t love free money?

6. Make your mortgage work harder.

If the rate rises are hitting your monthly repayments hard, then it’s time to get a better deal. How? Ask. Either contact your bank directly, or speak to your mortgage broker about it – most of them will be more than happy to ask on your behalf, and many banks will agree to lowering your rate rather than risk losing you to another lender. Don’t ask, don’t get.

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