Smartphone Free App Reducing Stress And Anxiety

Victoria Marszalkowski
on 22 April 2015

If you’re like me and you have an overly active mind that tends to darts from one thing to another sometimes before I’ve even finished thinking about the first thing. Or maybe you’ve heard about meditation but have never known where to start? If you tick any of those boxes then this app if for you!

Smartphone Free App Reducing Stress And Anxiety

These days there is an increasing awareness and focus on excising your body, but no one is talking about exercising you mind. I know for sure that I need to work equally as hard on my mind as I do my body to keep stress at bay and maintain a healthy mind.

Smiling Mind app basically acts as a mindfulness (meditation) guide that you can take with you wherever to use as you please. It is great for beginner’s however it does also cater for the more novice practicers out there too!

Smiling App – Free – AppleAndroid

You create a profile and collect achievements as you continue to expand and nourish your mind through your practice.

Once you have chosen your age group, you then choose the session and off you go!

Don’t worry, it is a guided practice so you won’t be left in dark about how to get started. It’s super straight forward, you don’t need to have meditated before and best of all it’s free. You can access ‘Bite Size’ meditations by downloading an additional module and for the more advanced meditators simply download the extended module for longer sittings. You can also track your history to see which sessions you are doing or need to do more of!

Did you know? Science has proven that meditating regularly actually restructures your brain!

Since using this app, I have noticed a massive difference in the quality of my mind and thoughts. My concentration and sleep has improved greatly along with my general awareness of emotions. We tend to let emotions get the better of us when there are simple methods and techniques that can help curb that bout of anxiety that has crept up on you or a sudden burst of frustration or anger. With the Smiling Mind app, I have successfully been able to learn to control more aspects of my mental well-being that I previously thought was nearly impossible!

The objective of the Smiling Mind’s creators is for Mindfulness Meditation to be part of the Australian Curriculum by 2020. They have started this journey by collaborating with IBM, Berry Street School as well as Cricket Australia. I definitely look forward to seeing this as part of every child’s education in the coming years!

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