Say Bye-Bye To Feelings Of FOMO With This Smart Watch

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 4 May 2015

Generation Y epitomise the term ‘digital natives’ and I am one of them – through and through. Since as far back as I can remember I’ve been surrounded by technology that seems to be developing at a faster rate than even I can keep up with. Yes, I admit it – I’m tech-obsessed!

Like I’m sure is the case for many others who suffer from this addiction, it stems from my desire to make sure I don’t suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out)! Who doesn’t scroll relentlessly through Instagram & Facebook feeds and check who’s on messenger all before they get out of bed in the morning? We all do, right?

Well, following my every morning’s essential ‘tech debrief’, I routinely jump out of bed in the morning and hit the pavement for a jog – mobile in-hand of course. Too big to zip up in the back of my exercise pants, I run holding my phone as it gets sweaty in my hands. Because, heaven forbid I would leave it at home with calls unanswered and social media notifications pending. Oh no…no way.

But today was a different story. I left the house for my morning jog with the Striiv Fusion Activity/Sleep Smart-watch and after the first try it is my new tech obsession! It really is the go-to all-in-one device. Striiv Fusion does it all – but firstly let me tell you – it notifies you of all incoming calls and messages to your mobile by wirelessly connecting to your smart phone (via Bluetooth 4.0)! For me, this is the best feature as it completely eliminates any unwanted feelings of FOMO!

Just like my trusty smartphone, the Striiv Fusion also incorporates a touch screen, something I haven’t seen on a fitness band before. It wakes with a double-tap (reminds me of the Apple Watch in this sense), and lets you scroll with a swipe – a more than familiar navigation movement. The Striiv Fusion Activity/Sleep Smartwatch can detect your levels of activity throughout the day including steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled  and active minutes. These essential personal stats are sent as notifications straight to your smartphone.

The Striiv Fusion’s companion app not only tracks and graphs all your activity, but also gamifies and socializes it. I love collecting virtual coins as I move about and connect with my friends to compete towards our fitness goals. Make a game of anything and it’s more fun right?

If you’re anything like me, getting the required 8 hours of sleep each night is a struggle. With late nights and early mornings it’s hard to keep track of my sleep patterns. The Striiv Fusion tracks sleep quality and duration and even acts as an alarm making it my ideal companion all day and all night.

As a budding fashionista and young creative I have found that it is difficult to find truly wearable technology that not only functions well but looks fashionable and is actually something I would be comfortable wearing all day and night. The Striiv Fusion’s design is contemporary and sleek and comes with three different coloured wristbands: black, denim-blue and red. I can mix up the bands from day to night to suit whatever outfit I have on – it’s like three watches in one! And the water-resistant Ion hardened glass and elastomer wristband add protection and durability during my strenuous boxing workouts.

If you want real time feedback on your activities and sleep as well as notifications from your smartphones then the Striiv Fusion ticks the boxes. It offers impressive performance and, for the price, plenty of bang for your buck!

Have you tried the Striiv Fusion Activity/Sleep Smart-watch? Tell us what you think about it below…

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