Smoothies for Sexy Abs

By Frederique Bros
on 24 March 2013

Dare to lose your fat belly and replace it with a flat and sexy stomach! Smoothies offer a wide range of muscle-building, fat-burning, brain-juicing, and mood-boosting benefits — depending on what you toss in them. The Smoothie Selector app for the iPhone provides the building blocks and blueprints for every goal. All you need to do is liquefy.

Browse Smoothies

  • Find smoothies based on your goals, such as muscle building, weight loss, meal replacement, breakfast, health boost, and dessert.
  • Complete nutritional information provided for every recipe, including calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, sodium, and fibre.
  • Sharp colour photographs for every smoothie.
  • Add recipes to your favourite list for easy reference.
  • Love a recipe? Rate it to help other users discover it.

Create Smoothies

  • Add ingredients, name your smoothie, and even take a picture of your blended concoction.
  • Submit your recipe to the app. The best creations will be added for other users to enjoy.

Smooth Moves

  • Learn the essential steps to creating a power-packed smoothie.
  • Discover the hidden health benefits of certain foods, helping you build the perfect blended beverage.

Please note that some ingredients might be a bit difficult to find in Australia.

Best for Beating the Blues: The Mood Maker

An all-fruit smoothie that’s packed with good carbs to boost your serotonin levels. Add a handful of flaxseed for an extra dose of mood-boosting omega-3 fatty acids.

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