Snapchat Releases New Features For Snapchat+ Subscribers

Alice Duthie
on 15 August 2022

There’s a new drop coming to Snapchat+. Starting today, you can access even more exclusive features as part of your subscription. 

Snapchat+ is the subscription service for new, pre-release, and experimental features, available for AUD$5.99/month. Launched in late June, Snap is already seeing a huge appetite from the Australian Snapchat community. In just over six weeks, there are over 1 million paying subscribers globally.

Currently, subscribers can show off the subscription with a Snapchat+ Badge, customise their app icon, see who is rewatching their Stories, pin BFFs, share exact locations with chosen friends, and more. With this update, subscribers will have access to a total 11 exclusive features, including the Story Rewatch Indicator.

Check out the new ways to customise your experience:

Priority Story Replies

Your replies will be more visible to Snap Stars. 


Post View Emoji

Pick an emoji you want friends to see after they view your Snaps. It’s a signature way to sign-off your Snaps. 


New Snapchat+ Bitmoji Backgrounds

Give your Bitmoji background more flair with special backgrounds like gleaming gold and a beach paradise. 


New Snapchat+ App Icons

Change up your homescreen app icon with new designs. 


These feature drops will continue, so keep an eye out for frequent updates if you have a Snapchat+ subscription!

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