Social Media Management Tips to Save Time And Improve Results

By Women Love Tech
on 7 July 2021

Whether you’re about to start your own business, you’re an up-and-coming influencer, or you’re simply using social media to let the world know about your work – these seemingly simple platforms can take entire chunks of your time to post amusing images, create engaging posts, and share your content at the right time. It doesn’t matter if you have a team of people at your disposal handling social media management, if you’re not using the right tools and strategies, you’re most likely wasting hours of your time.

Any organisation, or an individual wanting to succeed needs to focus their efforts on the most vital parts of their business. For you, that may be your next fashion collection, developing an awesome app, or writing a series on relevant topics in your industry. With such a workload, you cannot possibly afford to lose precious time on social networks, and not spending enough of it means delivering subpar results and content. To balance and reach the best of both worlds, utilise the following tips to maximise your efficiency and dazzle your social followers!

Prepare a thorough strategy

Prepare a thorough strategy

With not a single dull moment on social media, you cannot afford to post dull content on your profiles, and haphazardly so. For optimal results in terms of higher engagement, better conversions, and top-notch retention, you need a strategy that is based on tried and tested methods that work wonders for your particular audience. Sure, you can always test the waters with a few more novelties here and there, but the foundation of your approach should be something familiar and recognisable.

Strategising saves time as well as effort, since you’ll need a prepared schedule of posts ready to go out, so you won’t have those creative slumps we often need to deal with. For your strategy to be effective, make sure to conduct a thorough analysis of your target audience and your market, to discover what kind of social content works best. Add to that a pinch of diversification with rich imagery, engaging posts, and monitoring your own progress, and you’ll soon have a perfect recipe for succeeding in the online world.

Social Media Management: Communicate with your following

Communicate with your following

Whether you’re a mumpreneur or a manager at a huge corporation, social media serves as an outlet for getting up-close and personal with your audience, for eliciting reactions, inspiring emotions, and engaging with them on a regular basis. In the fast-paced world of ours, if you use social media as your way to market your brand or to build a reputation, you need to be present on a regular basis, and consistently so, for your followers to know when and how to reach you.

There is no room for not replying to messages and queries, ignoring comments and questions within them, disregarding shares of your own content on other people’s profiles, or anything resembling these behaviours. The essence of social media is indeed to get social, so make sure you respond to messages regularly and keep in touch with your following. Every comment matters, and every piece of feedback can make or break your reputation!

Keep your content safe and sound

Keep your content safe and sound

If you are in the beauty and fashion business, you know how crucial those stunning photos are for inspiring your audience and leaving the right impression. However, our own devices can often let us down and in order to prevent a disaster such as losing all of your visuals from your phone, you should learn how to backup iPhone devices that you use for your business and making creative visuals. Use cloud storage to preserve image quality and connect all of your iOS devices for better productivity.

Once you have your lovely visuals stored, you can use your computer to upload images even in case you lose your smartphone or the device needs to be repaired. Finally, proper storage and a well-organised filing system will help you keep search time down to a bare minimum, and you’ll be able to post whatever you please precisely when you need to!

Rely on various tech tools

Rely on various tech toolsWhile we’re on the subject of tech, thanks to prompt digitalisation of almost everything that we do, you can now use a whole selection of digital tools to simplify your social media strategy. For starters, you can now use a range of apps that help you schedule your posts, keep track of your communication with your audience, and make sure that your timing is perfect.

There are entire software solutions you can rely on to analyse each and every social account you own, so that you can cross-reference those results, see where you get the most traction, which platform needs more effort to improve results, and how you can restructure your posts to get more engagement.

Balance quantity with quality

social media networks - Balance quantity with qualityFinally, the social media networks we all use move at a fast pace, meaning that you constantly need to produce engaging, amusing, and educational content, whether in the form of images, the written word, videos, or anything in between. However, that can become a burden for even the most creative of minds.

Make sure that you strike the perfect balance of quality and quantity. While it matters to be noticed on social media on a regular basis, it’s even more vital to preserve the brand quality you represent on those channels. That way, you can save the time from random posting, and protect your brand image on social networks everywhere.

While social media management can be overwhelming, you can utilise these essential tips to increase your own productivity and make sure that your social presence becomes truly memorable and loved!

Women Love Tech would like to thank Sophia Smith for her article.

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