Sonos Announces Upgraded Sonos Amp And Collaboration With Sonance

With a slick redesign, Sonos has brought the Amp back to the market in a dream move for professional installers

Sonos Announces Upgraded Sonos Amp And Collaboration With Sonance

Barely over a month after launching Sonos Beam and Apple AirPlay 2 on Sonos speakers in Australia, Sonos is back with a new version of the Sonos Amp – a powerful home audio hub powering traditionally wired speakers with sound from nearly any source. The Amp is also very versatile, integrating these speakers into Sonos’ wireless home sound system.

And while voice is a transformative way to control the Sonos system, it’s only one part of the equation – the Amp can power virtually any smart home entertainment.

This new version of Sonos Amp is twice as powerful as its predecessor, the Connect Amp. As expected, it supports Apple’s AirPlay 2 and more than 80 streaming services, and includes an HDMI Arc port for TVs.

Sonos also announced a collaboration with Sonance for a series of three architectural speakers – in-wall, in-ceiling, and outdoor. These will gain additional functionality through software, when paired with the new Sonos Amp. There’s no official release date, but these products are expected to launch in early 2019, and will primarily be sold and marketed by Sonos.

The company also announced that they will add a new set of Control APIs, which are expected to make it easier than ever to integrate Sonos into the smart home.  

The Sonos Amp is priced at $999, and will be available to professional installers in Australia following the global launch in February 2019.

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