Sonos Shares Expert Tips To Setup A Great Home Sound System

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on 7 July 2020

A good home audio system should meet your needs, so pick a room you use frequently, and decide the top reasons you’d be using a sound system. Perhaps it’s listening to the morning news in the kitchen and afternoon podcasts while cooking, which a Sonos One would be perfect for. If you’re more of a movie buff, setting up a soundbar below your TV is essential if you’re looking to create the ultimate, immersive surround sound experience. This is where the new Sonos Arc would come in, to provide crisp dialogue through the Speech enhancement feature for late-night streaming as well as offering a premium in-home cinematic experience. The next step in setting up your home system is connecting one speaker to another, to maximise the capabilities of your home audio. For example, wirelessly connect two Sonos One SLs with your Sonos Arc in the TV room and you will have 5.0 surround sound – the ultimate movie night set up!

Home audio essentials

Sonos home audio system

Home theatre is a great centrepiece for a home, and can be used like a traditional hi-fi to play music, as well as deliver fantastic sound for your TV. Previously home theatre meant tangled wires, an amp, and large speakers. The design of Sonos Arc, Sonos Sub, and Sonos One as rears in a surround sound 5.1 setup (all available in black or white) sees this setup fit seamlessly into any lounge room. The audio quality will improve significantly over the existing speakers in your TV, and you’ll hear greater definition to objects and musical queues in the soundscape you’d previously not known were there.

Best way for people to listen to sound in the home 

home audio system
  • The beauty of listening to sound in your home is that it is completely customisable to your tastes and preferences. While people will, of course, listen their way, we know the quality of speakers, ease of use and access to streaming services are always priorities. Sonos systems champion this, as they are compatible with over 100 streaming services and are modular, meaning they can be listened to in one room or nook, or grouped together to fill the house with brilliant sound.
  • Your dream room should be a space for you to relax and rejuvenate, and music plays a huge role in setting the tone to do so. Sound has the ability to completely transform your room and even your mood, so much so, Sonos’ Brilliant sound study found that 74% of respondents believed listening to music reduces stress. Whether you stream music through Spotify and Apple Music or use voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, it is important to have a speaker that provides choice so you can listen your way. 
  • We are all spending more time in our own homes. Sonos Move as the first portable speaker from Sonos, provides music which goes with you; room to room. With features like automatic TruePlay, Move perfectly tunes music to any room, balcony, or backyard. By measuring how sound reflects off walls, furnishings and other surfaces, Move ensures you’re listening to brilliant sound no matter where you’ve placed it.

Current trends

With the popularity of streaming services on the rise more than ever before, people are constantly exploring ways to access content through multiple platforms and value the sound experience to match ever-advancing visuals. As our lives become busier, we are seeing rooms in the home become multipurpose, living rooms are morphing into home cinemas, classrooms and game rooms and kitchens are becoming news hubs, with people accessing podcasts, music and information via voice assistants.

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