Sony Xperia XZ2 Launch: Entertainment In the Palm of Your Hand

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on 28 May 2018

There really is a revolution taking place in the palm of our hands as I discovered when I got mine on the new Xperia XZ2 ahead of today’s launch, and proceeded to play with it all weekend.

For the launch of Sony’s flagship smartphone, the Xperia XZ2, the company commissioned some research which showed our craving for entertainment actually blurs the lines between the physical and digital world.

In other words, immersive technology stimulates all the senses, and drives a greater emotional impact, so much so we now expect this powerful experience on our smartphones.

John Featherstone, Managing Director, Sony Mobile Communications, Oceania said: “Entertainment is on the verge of a revolution.

We are seeing a shift in consumer behaviour, as more people want entertainment that is all-encompassing – they want to feel more, hear more and see more to experience content more deeply. This is driving an evolution of technologies, especially in smartphones.”

The future of entertainment is immersive

The survey of 1,019 Australians reveals that when exploring entertainment options, Australians are ahead of the curve, with close to two thirds (58%) already opting for technology that provides immersive experiences where they can see, hear and feel content more deeply.

Professor Matthew Kiernan, Bushell Chair of Neurology at University of Sydney, said: “It’s no secret that advances in technology have played a huge role in rewiring the human brain, boosting decision-making skills and improving cognitive flexibility.

“Research suggests increasingly immersive forms of entertainment can actually trigger more intimate emotions from an individual by stimulating the brain in ways that regular forms of entertainment could not achieve.

“Instead of just watching a piece of content, they’re immersing themselves in it, they’re literally and emotionally feeling it.”

With each technological advancement, consumer expectations for what future technology will enable continues to grow:

  • 40% of Australians believe they will use haptics and HDR to see and feel the texture of a video or movie or to feel the music at a concert while they listen to it
  • Close to one in five (18%) of Australians think future technology will be able to stimulate our sense of smell based on what we see on the screen, such as a freshly baked cake or saltwater air from the ocean, while 100% of young Millennials (those aged 18-24) believe they will be able to send and receive smells via their smartphone
  • Almost a quarter (23%) of Australians also anticipate greater personalisation in the form of in-built machine learning that is smart enough to anticipate our moods and offer entertainment solutions such as music or movies accordingly
Sony Xperia XZ2

Smartphones foster emotional connections

The concept of immersive entertainment – from AR / VR experiences to 3D movies and surround sound – is integrating with Australia’s increasing smartphone penetration, putting the power of immersive entertainment in the palm of our hands. The survey revealed Aussies already feel more engrossed (40%) in what they are listening to or watching when the entertainment is on their smartphones. Millennials in particular also identified smartphones as their primary source of entertainment (40%).

  • More than a third (38%) of millennial Australians feel that watching immersive entertainment on their smartphone makes them feel like they are part of the action
  • A subset of both men (17%) and women (14%) admit they’re more likely to cry when watching entertainment on their smartphones than on other devices
  • Close to half of Aussies (45%) would rather tag their best friend or partner in online content than text or call them directly


Smartphones opening doors to increased creativity

Smartphone technologies are not only enhancing content consumption but also inspiring a new generation of content creators as Aussies become eager to curate content that most accurately reflects their lives. While one in four already admits to snapping pictures of their meals (24%), and filming their weekend activities (25%), it’s really what smartphone technologies will enable from a content creation perspective that has Aussies most excited, with:

  • One in four people hoping to create content that activates haptic vibrations on their phones
  • A quarter (25%) hoping to capture and share 3D images on their smartphone
  • One in five (21%) hoping for smartphone cameras that rival professional camera equipment so they can share the best quality content with their social followers

Launch of the Sony Mobile Xperia XZ2 

The XZ2 features world-first sensory entertainment smartphone technology such as 4K HDR video recording, Super Slow Motion video recording (960fps) in full HD, and the revolutionary 3D Creator app. The Xperia XZ2 also up-scales content to HDR and includes a Dynamic Vibration System (DVS), which allows you to feel what you see, plus S-Force surround sound and an extended 5.7” HDR Full HD+ 18:9 display for maximum entertainment impact.

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