Star Wars Day: May The Force Be With You

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on 4 May 2022

 If you are celebrating Star Wars Day, then check out Seagate’s three collectible Hard Disk Drives (HDD) inspired by Boba Fett, Grogu, and The Mandalorian.

Released on the fan holiday playing off of the popular Star Wars quote “May the Force be with you,” the newest additions to the company’s line of licensed special edition storage devices bring a tangible piece  of the galaxy to the hands of collectors and tech enthusiasts.

star wars

“We are thrilled to announce the latest release in our ongoing collaboration with Lucasfilm, bringing three fresh and iconic designs to gamers and Star Wars fans,” said Jeff Fochtman, senior vice president of business and marketing at Seagate Technology. “From the designs to the functionality of the drives, this release brings a force to the battle stations of Star Wars enthusiasts.”

Joining the family of Star Wars Beskar Ingot Drives which launched in January, the Special Edition FireCuda External Hard Drives are available with three unique aesthetics that represent each legendary character: the cool demeanor of legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett, the joyful look of Grogu, and the honorable and unwavering purpose of The Mandalorian. The drives come equipped with customisable RGB LED lighting1 and each design features a default custom character light out-of-the-box: a flashy red for Boba Fett, a glowing blue for Grogu, and a bold blue for the Mandalorian. With built-in and customisable lighting options, all three of the drives enable gamers and Star Wars enthusiasts to homage a galaxy far, far away at home. 

Fans can create their own, complete Star Wars gaming galaxy as they celebrate Star Wars Day: May the 4th Be with You. The Beskar and The Mandalorian designs are available for purchase from today onwards while the Boba Fett and Grogu designs will be made available in mid-May.

Each drive is available for AUD $125 and NZD $149 (2TB) online and in-store at selected partners. 

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