Stay Warm This Winter With The Dyson Hot Fan

Frederique Bros
on 6 June 2016

Nothing is better than staying at home warm and dry when it’s cold and rainy outside. The Sydney’s weather has been crazy lately, it’s the perfect timing for me to test and review the Dyson hot+cold fan and not only is a quiet one but also it works beautifully.

Not only I love it but it got so warm in my office that I’m ending working in a tee-shirt when it’s 12 degrees and raining outside, I surely love it! Also, the beautifully designed fan is super quiet and easy to use. Let’s see a bit in details why you should get one to be cosy at home during winter times – I haven’t tested yet the cold option, I will wait summer for that.


Effective For Personal Use

  • Jet Focus control enables personal mode for long range powerful airflow. No more sitting in front of the heater to get warm.

Effective For Whole Room Use

  • Jet Focus enables diffused mode for wide projection to mix the surrounding air. So, unlike others, it heats the room quickly and evenly

Safe – No Spinning Blades

  • The fan heater has no blades or visible elements. It has also tip-over, automatic cut-out, so it switches off when it has been accidentally knocked over (great if you have kids or pets). It is also easy to clean and maintains temperature, below dust burning point – so no worrying burning smell.

Precise Temperature Control

  • The Dyson Hot+Cool fan heater lets you select the target temperature to the degree and uses an intelligent thermostat to maintain your desired temperature – it’s energy efficient heating, so there’s no wasted energy. Working in my office with 30 degrees is a real comfort!

Heats In Winter And Cools In Summer

  • The fan heater is effective all year, so there is nop need to store away. Powerful heat projection for fast even room heating in winter.

Engineered To Be 75% Quieter

  • To lower noise levels, streamlined airflow paths direct air through the machine with greater efficiency and reduces turbulence.

The Dyson Fan heater/cooler is a great investment that you won’t regret whatever the outside weather, you will enjoy the hot/cool comfort breeze inside of your home.

For more details, please visit Dyson website:

Pics: Dyson

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