Streaming: The Finale Of The Handmaid’s Tale Is Set To Shock

Pamela Connellan
on 19 June 2021

The finale of Season Four of The Handmaid’s Tale is out and yes – it had to be this way. Everything came to a brutal end with June carrying out what we’ve been waiting for. The big question now is what will happen next because we all know, June’s vengeance will come at a cost.

The fourth season of The Handmaid’s Tale centered around June finally escaping Gilead. She was already a fierce rebel leader but once she stepped on Canadian soil she became even more dangerous to her enemies. This season saw her take countless risks and overcome extremely dangerous obstacles. We won’t say exactly what happened but June is now a free woman.

Elizabeth Moss plays June and she also directed three of the episodes of this fourth season. In interviews, Moss has said her character may never be able to really escape Gilead because: “She will never be able to forget what she has seen or done. A prison can be anywhere and I think she’s in an emotional prison no matter where she is.”

While we know what June has done in the finale, we’re left wondering if this thirst for revenge will ever be satiated – and obviously – what happens next?

So make sure you watch The Handmaid’s Tale Season Four finale – having seen the ferocious and fearless nature of June across all the series so far, this is a finale like no other.

All the ten episodes of Season Four of The Handmaid’s Tale are now streaming on SBS On Demand…

The Pride documentary about the struggle for LGBTQ+ rights will stream on Disney+ on June 25th

Pride is a documentary series chronicling the struggle for LGBTQ+ civil rights in America from the 1950s through the 2000s. Seven renowned LGBTQ+ directors explore heroic and heartbreaking stories which have defined this story in the United States.

The series spans from the FBI surveillance of homosexuals during the 1950s Lavender Scare to the Culture Wars of the 1990s and beyond, exploring the queer legacy of the civil rights movement and the battle over marriage equality. The evolution of trans rights and identities through the decades is charted through interviews and archival footage of pioneers, including Christine Jorgensen, Flawless Sabrina, Ceyenne Doroshow and others.

It’s a truism that coming of age as a young queer person is a challenge often because the cultural heritage of the LGBTQ+ movement hasn’t been commonly taught. The AIDS epidemic wiped out so much culture and before that, this part of our lives was largely hidden. Into this gap comes Pride, a series of six documentaries. All running around 45 minutes, these films, together, attempt to tell the story of LGBTQ life in America in the late 20th century through the early 21st century.

It’s an earnest goal, met with talent, ingenuity and seriousness of purpose. And it’s powerful to see a project with the backing of companies such as this documentary series. While Pride probably isn’t perfect, it’s a credit to the makers and gives us so much more information which has previously largely been untold.

Pride is streaming on Disney+ on June 25th…

Love, Simon is a story about being a gay teenager, streaming now on Disney+

Everyone deserves a great love story, but for 17-year-old Simon, it’s a bit complicated. The gay teenager hasn’t come out yet, and doesn’t know the identity of the anonymous classmate he’s fallen for online. Resolving both issues will be a hilarious, scary, life-changing adventure. In this fun, engaging and intelligent drama, a teenager’s anonymous email conversation leads to complications – and love.

With its sheer warmth, openness, likability and idealism, Love, Simon wins you over. It takes all the usual elements of the coming-of-age genre and puts new life into it. Simon is played by 23-year-old actor, Nick Robinson, and his story is an interesting one. He comes from a wealthy family and they’re not too bigoted as well. The main hostility to Simon’s choices come from some homophobic boys. There’s one other gay guy at Simon’s school and he’s witty and well-adjusted which is unusual but it all makes for a fun, interesting film.

There’s more to the plot as Simon starts having an anonymous email conversation with a boy known only as ‘Blue.’ Simon falls in love with Blue but who is he? Another guy at school, Martin, says he’ll keep Simon’s secret if Simon agrees to help him impress one of the hottest girls in school – Abby – played by Alexandra Shipp. There’s a lot more to the story which all ends well. This is an interesting and enjoyable film.

Love, Simon is streaming now on Disney+…

Hope Gap shows what can happen as a marriage ends

A couple’s visit with their son takes a dramatic turn when the father tells him he plans on leaving his mother. As well-trodden as the subject might be, there remains something horribly compelling about watching the end of a marriage play out on screen. Annette Bening plays the woman whose life crumbles as her husband leaves her and Bill Nighy plays the husband.
Although we have all the makings of a dramatic plot in Hope Gap, some reviewers have said the film doesn’t have the emotional depth for the areas being covered. As well, Annette Bening has come in for some criticism of her ill-fitting British accent. But there are glimmers of insight along the way, particularly in how Grace compares a divorce to a murder and how spurned women are devalued in comparison with widows.
Josh O’Connor plays the couple’s son and along the way we’re served up some stunning coastal vistas, matched with a swelling score. Judge for yourself and see if Hope Gap is able to deliver a film which works.

Hope Gap is streaming now on Amazon Prime… 

Wolfgang – a documentary about the well-known chef – will stream soon on Disney+

Wolfgang is a documentary film which shows us the inspiring true story of Wolfgang Puck, a man who survived a troubled childhood filled with a series of challenging obstacles but whose perseverance led him to become one of the most prolific chefs of our time and a household name. 

From Emmy Award-winning director and producer, David Gelb, this is an inspiring and emotional film which will stream on Disney+ from the 25th June. As a teenager in Austria, Wolfgang Puck used his love of cooking to escape the harsh rule of his stepfather. A local apprenticeship forged his path to train at a revered French restaurant before landing in America at the young age of 24.

In the 70s in Hollywood, Puck began working at Ma Maison, crafting an original menu around fresh ingredients, making the once-tacky eatery a popular, acclaimed restaurant. Still, the lack of acknowledgement from Ma Maison’s owner pushed Puck to take the biggest risk of his career and open his own restaurant called Spago.

It was an instant hit and famous clientele came to enjoy Puck’s new American cuisine and his lively personality. Almost by accident, Puck created the concept of a ‘celebrity chef’ with his many television appearances. He built a global empire of restaurants, cafes and products for home cooks. All of this work did take its toll on his family life and we see how this unfolds.

Wolfgang will stream on Disney+ on June 25th…

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