Swiftkey App Will Help You To Type Faster And Better

Frederique Bros
on 1 October 2014

Some people are surprised when they meet me because they don’t know I’m French and oui I have a very strong accent, you can’t missed it. Saying that, I have been living in Australia for over 13 years, but I am still very close with my childhood friends. I keep contact with them via Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and FaceTime every week.

Is one thing I found very annoying, is when I typed a message on my phone I have to switch between the English to the French keyboard, and it’s worse if I want mix a message in French with some English words the phone simply don’t understand what I am writing. If you are in the same situation writing in your phone in 2 languages I’m sure you will know what I am talking about!

Swiftkey App Will Help You To Type Faster And Better

Swiftkey App Will Help You To Type Faster And Better

Then I found this great app: Swiftkey, a free app available on Apple iTunes and Android

– SwiftKey Keyboard is a smart keyboard that learns from you, replacing your device’s built-in keyboard with one that adapts to the way you type.

– The app learns your writing style to give you super-accurate autocorrect and intelligent next-word prediction, reducing keystrokes and getting smarter over time. SwiftKey Keyboard is loaded with features to make typing even easier, including multilingual typing and speedy swipe typing with SwiftKey Flow.

Type Less

SwiftKey learns your writing style to predict your next word with uncanny accuracy. Autocomplete a whole word with a single tap, instead of typing letter by letter.

Type More Accurately

Say goodbye to typos with autocorrect based on your personal writing style. SwiftKey even inserts missed spaces for you.

Type Your Way

Choose a different way to type by sliding from letter to letter with SwiftKey Flow.* Personally this feature didn’t work straight away on my iPhone 6 so I turned it off and back on, all good.

Type In Your Language

Type in up to two languages at once, without changing any settings.

SwiftKey Keyboard supports the following languages:

– English (UK, US, AUS, CA)
– Portuguese (PT, BR)
– French (FR, CA)
– German
– Italian
– Spanish (ES, US, LATAM) on Apple App or Android

Images: Swiftkey

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