Switch Your Personal Pinterest Account Into A Business One

By Frederique Bros
on 5 March 2014

This is the email I received last week from Pinterest: “It looks like you could be using Pinterest for your business, womenlovetech.com. If so, you can easily switch your existing personal account to a business one. Once you’re on a business account, you’ll get the latest on new business features.” If you are a blogger or a company with a high female audience, then you need Pinterest to expand your readership. Let’s see how to switch your personal Pinterest account into a business one. First I do believe you need to be on Pinterest for a while with a certain number of followers. I am not sure 100%, but it looks like you need to be invited by Pinterest to switch your personal account to a business one.

Things To Know

  • When you switch your personal account to a business one – your Pins, boards and followers won’t be affected
  • Be sure your ‘About You” description doesn’t exceed 160 characters
  • Make sure you’re logged in to the account you want to convert

How to Set Up Your Business Account

  • Select a business type (e.g. Magazine, news, media, photography)
  • Change the photo profile with the logo of your company
  • Edit the profile description
  • Change the name
  • I wouldn’t recommend changing your username – because you might lose your followers.
  • Click save et voila.
  • It’s exactly the same Pinterest account switch to your business

What you need to know before converting your account

  • You can only open an account on behalf of a company that you’re, well, allowed to open an account on behalf of.
  • The content you post on Pinterest can be used by other Pinterest users. That means they can not only re-pin it, but they can also modify it, reproduce it, display it, distribute it, whatever, on Pinterest. If they start doing something weird with it outside of Pinterest that they’re not supposed to do, Pinterest ain’t havin’ anything to do with it.
  • Pinterest expects that any content you post from third-party content creators and owners doesn’t violate any laws or infringe the third party’s rights.

3 Tips to be a Pro Pinterest user

  1. Engage the community – repin content, follow people, answer the questions and leave a comment on other users content.
  2. Organize your pinboards – rearrange your boards by theme, making it easier for other users to find and browse content.
  3. Check your Analytics – Use the metrics and information from each of these tools to help you replicate content that receives a high percentage of pins and drives high traffic. Happy Pinning!

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