1000 Plus Exciting Things to See at SXSW Sydney 2023

Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 1 October 2023

Creativity and culture are set to collide at SXSW Sydney 2023 (South by Southwest Sydney) – the week long extravaganza celebrating the convergence of technology, music, and film at various venues in the heart of the Harbour City. With over 1000 events and sessions spanning innovative industries, there’s a lot to look forward to. Here are our picks of the different events, speakers and performances to choose from so you can start planning your calendar.

More than 300 panels and sessions (including one led by WLT’s own Robyn Foyster)

Robyn Foyster
Robyn Foyster – editor and owner of Women Love Tech, The Carousel and Game Changers and thought leadership agency InProfile. Robyn was a finalist for the 2023 Women Leading Tech Awards and 2023 Samsung Lizzies Tech Awards

A rotation of esteemed panelists will invite you think outside the square across 300+ panels and session. As they cover a wide array of topics over the festivals seven days. From the future of lab-grown meat, to a debate on whether “AI will further entrench gender inequity for future generations of women” (featuring our own fearless publisher Robyn Foyster, alongside Tracey Spicer, Dr Catriona Wallace and Shivani Gopal), the discussions will challenge your thinking and provide valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies.

Tracey Spicer
Tracey Spicer, author of Man Made How the bias of the past is being built into the future. Published by Simon & Schuster
Dr Catriona Wallace
Dr Catriona Wallace – a specialist in the field of the metaverse, artificial intelligence and the responsible use of technology. Catriona was recently announced as one of the new “sharks” on Shark Tank on Network 10. Author of Checkmate Humanity The How and the Why of Responsible AI
Shivani Gopal
Shivani Gopal – is the CEO and Founder at Elladex; a digital rolodex for women’s personal, professional and financial growth.

Robyn will also lead Changing The Face of the Tech Industry – bringing together some of today’s most forward-thinking, convention-breaking women. Panelists include Xylo Systems Chief Executive Camille Goldstone-Henry, Missing Perspectives Co-founder Hannah Diviney, Women Rising Founder and CEO and equality advocate Megan Dalla-Camina, who will spotlight the importance of diversity in tech. And why representation really matters.

Megan Dalla-Ca,oma
Women Rising’s Megan Dalla-Camina joins the panel. Megan won the 2023 Women Leading Tech Awards
Robyn Foyster and SXSW Sydney panel
Women Love Tech CEO Robyn Foyster, and Xylo Systems Chief Executive Camille Goldstone-Henry, Missing Perspectives Co-founder Hannah Diviney, and Women Rising Founder and CEO Megan Dalla-Camina.

50 years of Hip Hop (with Chance the Rapper)

One of the most anticipated moments of SXSW Sydney 2023 will be the homage payed to 50 years of Hip Hop – through multi-Grammy Award-winning artist, Chance The Rapper. As a speaker, Chance will share insights into the legacy of Hip Hop and its profound impact on the world. His presence promises to add a unique perspective and a hit of street cred to the achingly cool event.

700+ industry leading speakers

SXSW Sydney 2023 will host over 700 industry-leading speakers from various fields. Think: creative icons and entrepreneurs like Charles Rivkin (Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association), David Droga (founder of Droga5, an advertising agency) and Mel Silva (MD of Google Australia). All able and available to share the kind of experience and expertise that has kept them at the forefront of innovation across their respective industries.

300 musical performances

From emerging to established artists, the soundtrack to SXSW Sydney 2023 will be provided through more than 300 musical performances. Whether you like your tunes inspired by TikTok. Or would rather listen to the sounds of rising hip-hop talents and genre-bending musicians, the diverse lineup promises you the opportunity to discover a new favourite artist.

150 new Indie games

Whether you’re a player or a professional, SXSW Sydney’s Games Festival is a paradise for game lovers and developers alike. Plus, with 150 new indie games on display (alongside some epic gaming parties) it promises to be a literal game changers.

Unlimited screen festival

If Hollywood was heading to the Harbour City, it would look like SXSW Sydney’s Screen Festival. The activation is an endless cinematic feast that includes red carpet premieres, XR showcases, conference sessions, activations, parties, and more. From Australian thrillers to international documentaries, the festival’s film lineup promises an unforgettable visual journey. Our “one to watch?” The world premiere of “Hot Potato: The Story of the Wiggles”

SXSW Sydney 2023 (South by Southwest Sydney) will run from October 15-22. Tickets start at $35.

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