Cyber Crime On The Rise In 2017 Says Symantec Security Report

Libby Jane Charleston
on 19 December 2016

The security industry faces new types of threats each year, as cybercriminals find new ways to access the data of organisations around the world.

Security experts at Symantec have compiled a list of the trends we can expect to see in 2017 and beyond, as we herald in a new era of cybercrime.

  1. Rogue nation states will finance themselves by stealing money online

There is a dangerous possibility that rogue nation states could align with organised crime for their personal gain, such as the SWIFT attacks. This could result in down-time for countries’ political, military or financial systems.

  1. Fileless malware will increase.

Fileless infections – those written directly onto a computer’s RAM without using files of any kind – are difficult to detect and often elude intrusion prevention and antivirus programs. This type of attack increased throughout 2016 and will continue to gain prominence in 2017, most likely through PowerShell attacks.

  1. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) abuse will lead to increased phishing sites using HTTPS.

The rise in popularity of free SSL certifications paired with Google’s recent initiative to label HTTP-only sites as unsafe will weaken security standards, driving potential spear-phishing or malware programs due to malicious search engine optimisation practices.

  1. Drones will be used for espionage and explosive attacks.

This could be seen in 2016, but is more likely to occur more further down the track.

By 2025, we can expect to see “dronejacking,” which will intercept drone signals and redirect drones for the attacker’s benefit.

Given this possibility, we can also expect to see anti-drone hacking technology being developed to control these devices’ GPS and other important systems.


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