Tapping into the Power of 25 Female Entrepreneurs

By Rebecca Peres Rebecca Peres has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 23 April 2022

Through collaboration, women can break down the barriers to achieving wealth and unprecedented success in all facets of mankind – business, technology, science, sports, mental health, spirituality, and relationships.

Wealth for centuries on end was centralized within a small demographic of people. The 10% of the wealth was captured in a specific geographic location, typically in the Northern Hemisphere amongst Caucasian men.

Traditionally, wealth is generated through brute competition. Wars are fought to claim resources, which result in bloodshed and mass destruction. Women and children are perpetually assaulted in this experience and become subject to vulnerability instead of strength. This translates not only on the battlefield but in the corporate boardrooms where women have been socialized to taking the second seat.

For the first time in history, a woman named Katharine Graham led a Fortune 500 company. Her story is only one amongst the hundred and thousands of everyday women who are fighting hard to assert their wisdom, talents, and abilities on a global stage.

Stronger Together as Leaders, than Apart

Instead of competing with one another, women realize that they are stronger through collaboration. Just look at the feminism movement that has transcended from the late sixties. 

Today, women are leaders in business. Their journeys should be documented and recognized, to create a future where it is undisputedly possible for women to achieve great levels of wealth, regardless of the soil they were born in.

Rhonda Swan featuring Women Gone Wild and the secrets of the wealthy
Photo credit: Rhonda Swan, with permission

In the second part of the Women Gone Wild series, Rhonda Swan, the bestselling author, and CEO of Unstoppable Branding Agency illuminates the voices of 25 fierce female leaders across several business industries. With endorsements from celebrities such as Diana Wentworth, co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jamie Anderson, 2x Olympic gold medalist, Danelle Delgado, the Millionaire Maker, Danette May, and Nicole Arbour, these leaders shows how collaboration between ambitious women can completely change the leadership landscape for the better.

Supercharging wealth in the feminine sphere

Why is it essential to capture and illuminate the power of women? 

Education is a powerful tool. When more women are informed of opportunities, coupled with access to resources and mentorship, there will be a spur in wealth-creating mechanisms for women. This can potentially lead to closing the gender wage gap in all parts of the world.

It’s also about reshaping the narrative in which women are told they always come second. Or that they can’t have fulfilling and rich careers without sacrificing their primary functions as a caretaker.

Storytelling has a powerful capacity to inspire and educate people through a direct connection between the author and the reader. This is why books can have a profound impact on people’s mindsets and thus lead them to adjust their own behavior to achieve better outcomes. 

Through WGW Wealth, there are women from all spectrums of the earth with vastly different backgrounds and stories. However, they all share one thing in common. Their invincible drive to overcome seemingly impossible tribulations and achieve success in all their respective domains. 

Wealth in hands of women leads to peaceful resolutions

women in WGW
The panel during the WGW Live Event; with permission

Women in the WGW series demonstrate that there are creative and profitable solutions to the world’s problems. Not just industrial issues, but issues that profoundly impact humans at the mental, physical, and spiritual health levels.

When humans are empowered in each of these domains, they can more likely to contribute back to their environment in a healing way.


The women found in the WGW series are individually powerful, but they also acknowledge that it’s the divine essence they share that bonds them. If they work together to strengthen this bond, beautiful things can be created that empower the human race.

Part of this journey involves disrupting the traditional narratives about women, and instead, honoring characteristics such as creativity, femininity, vulnerability, spirituality, and diversity.

Showing that these traits are not combatant to achieving wealth can help more women rise up to the task. Democratizing wealth for women is inherent to their mission of empowering mankind.

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