Tech Crush Of The Month: Leopard MightyPurse

By Frederique Bros
on 8 March 2016

It’s a known fact that smartphones have a poor battery life. Let’s avoid huge frustration with a smart tech gadget mixing fashion with technology: the MightyPurse, the charging handbag.

Nothing worse than going to a work event when time comes for a photo shoot, filming or sharing on social media your phone is out of battery. I hear you ladies!

Tech Crush Of The Month: Leopard MightyPurse

First let’s see what is eating your phone battery

– Leaving apps open can eat up your battery life, fast!
– Not turning your GPS off
– Wi-Fi chews a lot of power as it’s always looking for signal
– Turn off push notifications
– Users pick up there smart phones upwards of 100 times a day

With the MightyPurse updated and reinvented you will never have to worry about any of the above! The MightyPurse is the perfect accessory for charging on the go.

Made from premium fabrications with a new larger size, slimline look, and inbuilt high capacity removable battery, the MightyPurse is a chic clutch that can charge any smart device (iPhone, Samsung or tablet), more than twice over, on the go. The MightyPurse is now also available in a new range of sizes, colours, finishes and textures to suit every smartphone device.


– Slimline and lightweight 4000mAh battery
– Can recharge your smartphone more than twice completely
– Larger size purse to fit the ever-growing phones, plus more essentials
– iPhone 5/6 licensed adapter included inside the purse
– The perfect accessory that is on-trend with every style for 2015
– Enough room to fit your keys, lipstick, cash & coins!

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The Story Behind Mighty Purse

H&Butler was founded in 2008 by husband and wife team, Ana Slavka and Stephan Kljajic.

The dynamic duo launched onto the market with their ingenious HandbagHOLDER and KeyHOLDER accessories. Born out of necessity the HandbagHOLDER was inspired by a fashionable design and grounded in everyday utility; an ethos that continues to underpin the business.

This revolutionary brand is now enjoying global success with distribution throughout the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, South Africa, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and is now stocked in over 3,500 stores internationally.

My own MightyPurse (see photos) is the Envelope Leopard Clutch (perfect for evenings). Check their full beautiful range:

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