Tech Talk: Techtember Releases and The First Air Taxi

By Lucy Broadbent
on 19 September 2023

It’s known as Techtember, the most exciting month of the year if you are waiting to see the latest and greatest from the tech sector with big conferences and events all this month and into the next.

Last week was Apple’s launch of its new iPhone 15, Nintendo’s launch of its new Switch games and Sony PlayStation’s reveal of some shiny new PS5 controllers, console shells and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth release date.


But there’s a whole lot more to come, folks.  This week, Amazon is hosting an invite-only event at its headquarters in Virginia where their much-anticipated products will be revealed.  Last year, it was their Kindle Scribe and fifth-generation Echo Dot.


Meanwhile, Microsoft will be hosting its own New York showcase where updated Surface devices and new AI technology are expected.  Meta will be demonstrating their upcoming Meta Quest 3VR headset, taking us deeper into the virtual reality world at an event hosted at their California headquarters.


Google’s New York event promises to showcase its Pixel 8 series of phones and the Pixel watch 2.  And Samsung’s San Francisco event will showcase all the new features coming to One UI6, SmartThings, Bixby and Tizen. 

Amazon ALexa
Courtesy of Alexa

Elon Musk Biography

The fascination of Elon Musk continues with the arrival in bookshops this week of Walter Isaacson’s biography (Simon and Schuster) of the tech giant and world’s richest man.  The revelations paint a scary portrait of someone who is familiar to all of us – the Bond Villain. 

Here’s what the book reveals: Musk is fixated on civilization becoming multi-planetary. He believes there is a threat of a population collapse. He is so wealthy and powerful that he played a role in the Russian/Ukrainian war through his satellite communications unit, Starlink. He told Bill Gates that “Most philanthropy was bullshit”.

The question is which Bond villain does he remind you of the most, and where’s 007?

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

RYSE Aero Tech’s Ultralight EVTOL took off today. The ultralight aircraft looks like a drone that you can fit a human into. Its intention is to be the first air taxi.

It’s fully electric, and requires no license to fly (currently!), and if you’re impressed enough and want to invest in an aerial EV start-up, you can buy shares at $7 each.

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