The Best Tech For Your Star Sign

By Pamela Connellan
on 4 January 2022

There are so many tech devices and accessories on the market, it can be overwhelming when it comes to picking the right product for you. So to help with your choices – an especially if you’re buying something for a friend and you’re not sure what they’ll like – we’ve compiled the best tech products for each of the star signs. 

The OPPO Encro Free2 headphones.


We all know Aries are not known for having the patience of a saint and so a good pair of headphones to listen to a soothing playlist to calm them when getting stressed will go far. So with this in mind, the OPPO Enco Free2’s are ultra-immersive and reliable, meaning fiery Aries can switch off and throw themselves into their favourite tunes at any time.

Product: OPPO Encro Free2

RRP: $199 AUD

Colours: White

Stockists: Oppo Store


The mophie snap+ wireless charging vent mount.

An adventurous Taurus will definitely need the mophie snap+ wireless charging vent mount to make sure their phone always has juice so they can belt out tunes on all their road trips. The magnet ensures accurate placement so charging begins on contact and is also compatible with MagSafe for iPhone 12 models and any Qi-enabled smartphone.

Product: mophie snap+ wireless charging vent mount

RRP: $89.95 AUD

Stockists: JB HI-FI

Dual Charge Pad
The mophie dual wireless charger.


For the Gemini who has multiple devices on the go, the dual wireless charger from mophie is the perfect choice for them to charge their headphones and phone at the same time, or if they’re living that double life (work and play), they may like to charge two phones at the same time!

Product: mophie dual wireless charger

RRP: $129.95 AUD

Stockists: JB HI-FI


Juice Pack
The mophie snap+ juice pack mini.

One of the most intuitive signs, dear cancer is prepared for any unforeseen situation including a flat phone battery! The mophie snap+ juice pack mini is the perfect accessory for phone charging when on the go. Compatible with Qi-charging devices, the juice pack mini makes charging accessible to all, anywhere, any time.

Product: mophie snap+ juice pack mini

RRP: $69.95 AUD

Stockists: JB-HI-FI

Mobile Phone
The realme 7 5G smartphone.


Leo, Leo, Leo – it’s tough being amazing and it can be tough being called out for being one of the more vain signs, but at least you own it! So, the perfect product for you is the realme 7 5G smartphone because what’s better than three built-in lenses for your phone camera? The answer is four! You’ll be able to take the best photos while also having the latest 5G tech and only for a third of the price of other smartphones with similar tech currently on the market.

Product: realme 7 5G smartphone

RRP: $499 AUD

Colour Variants: Flash Silver, Mist Blue

Retailers: realme e-store, JB Hi-Fi, Bing Lee, Make it Mine, mobileciti, 5GWORLD, Essential Appliance Rentals, Amazon, Kogan, eBay,


Fit Band
The realme fit band.

Always the perfectionist and relentless in their pursuit for improvement both personally and professionally, the best tech accessory for the driven Virgo is the realme fit band to help them reach their daily movement goals and even be reminded when to have a drink (just in case they forgot).

Product: realme fit band

RRP: $99 AUD

Stockists: realme e-store, Make it Mine, mobileciti, 5GWORLD, Essential Appliance Rentals, Amazon, Kogan, eBay,

Oppo Watch
The OPPO Watch.


Librans thrive off planning and organisation so having access to information like the weather report to plan that day’s outfit or being sent reminders for events in the calendar is crucial to the success of the day which is why the OPPO Watch is a Libra’s best friend! Instead of wondering where the time went, they’ll wonder how they got so much done.

Product: OPPO Watch

RRP: $549 AUD

Colour Variants: Black, Glossy Gold

Stockists: OPPO, JB HI-FI, The Good Guys, Kogan, BingLee, MobileCiti, Amazon


Glass cover
The InvisibleShield Glass Elite Privacy 360 screen protector.

Elusive Scorpio’s value nothing more than their privacy so why not protect themselves from nosy onlookers with the InvisibleShield Glass Elite Privacy 360 screen protector? No more side-eye or over-the-shoulder peeks allowed!

Product: InvisibleShield Glass Elite Privacy 360 screen protector

RRP: $59.95 AUD

Stockists: JB HI-FI

Snap Case
The Gear4 Santa Cruz Snap Case with MagSafe.


Known to get excited by the idea of a good party, Sagittarians need added protection for their precious phone which they, no doubt, are capturing all the night’s fun on! This is where Gear4 cases come in because they are a tough, stylish and weightless case for your phone which incorporates the unrivalled D3O® material to provide maximum protection from impact in a slim design.

Product: Gear4 Santa Cruz Snap Case with MagSafe

RRP: $59.95 AUD

Stockists: JB HI-FI


The mophie charging stand.

Getting down to business is always at the forefront for fearless leader Capricorn which is why the mophie charging stand is the perfect desk accessory for them. Never again will they be out of battery or miss an important call so keep living that hustling life! Compatible with Qi-charging devices, the juice pack mini makes charging easy.

Product: mophie charging stand

RRP: $89.95 AUD

Stockists: JB HI-FI

Fujifilm Camera
The FUJIFILM X-T30 II camera.


Free-spirited, eccentric, and a rebel at heart, an Aquarius should always have a camera on standby to capture those unconventional and unusual moments they stumble across. The best way to do this is with the FUJIFILM X-T30 II camera which is compact and has a lightweight body meaning it can go with you anywhere and will never weigh you down like other, more bulkier, cameras do.

Product: FUJIFILM X-T30 II camera

RRP: $1,599 AUD

Stockists: Teds, JB HI-FI, digiDirect


Zagg tablet
The ZAGG Pro Keys.

Natural creatives, Pisces can get caught up in their own world which is why they need to have more than one way to express themselves in the real world, whether it be through doodling or journaling (just to name a few). The ZAGG Pro Keys is perfect because it not only protects your iPad from day-to-day wear and tear but also has a built-in keyboard and tracking pad, because, let’s be honest, typing on an iPad screen can get tedious sometimes.

Product: ZAGG Pro Keys

RRP: $219.95 AUD

Stockists: JB HI-FI

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