The Aim of This New Directory? To Empower Female Speakers in Australia

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 6 May 2024

Did you know that only 30% of speakers at business events in Australia are women? Have you ever attended an event dominated by male speakers or panels, leaving you wondering where all the female voices are? This gender disparity isn’t just confined to certain industries; it permeates across various sectors, from tech and finance to sports. But one Melbourne-based entrepreneur, and Founder of She’s The Boss Group, Jules Brooke, has decided to tackle this issue head-on.

“Late last year I discovered that only 30% of speakers at business events are women. And, although I knew anecdotally that many stages are made up of male speakers, I was shocked at the gender disparity,” says Jules. “When I went looking – Google, LinkedIn and Facebook, I couldn’t find one place where you could find women speakers. Without going through individual profiles or agencies (and not everyone has the budget or the inclination to use agencies for their events). So, I decided to do something about it.”

Determined to address this gap, Jules took matters into her own hands. “I started a small LinkedIn group for women speakers in late November (the Australian Women Speakers Group). It now has over 900 women in it, and the same on Facebook. So I am now launching a directory of women speakers. Where people can search for female speakers in Australia. And, contact them directly. There are 55 women on there so far, and I expect that to grow over the next few months.”

Jules Brooke Female Speakers in Australia
Jules Brooke, founder of the Australian Women Speakers Group and, aims to empower female speakers in Australia

Today, what began as a modest endeavour continues to quickly gain momentum. Attracting over 930 members in just three months. The overwhelming response underscored the urgency of the issue. And, the collective desire for change among women seeking visibility in the speaking circuit.

Buoyed by the success of the LinkedIn group, Jules launched a dedicated platform,, to serve as a directory for women speakers. Unlike traditional agencies, this directory aims to be inclusive of all women, regardless of their professional background or experience level. Whether they’re subject matter experts, authors or coaches, women now have a platform to showcase their expertise and connect directly with event organisers.

The directory not only provides a platform for women to showcase their speaking topics and credentials but also facilitates feedback and reviews from clients. Jules’s vision is to democratise access to speaking opportunities. Ensuring that every woman who wishes to share her knowledge on stage has the means to do so.

What sets this directory apart is its affordability and accessibility. With a nominal annual fee, women can create a comprehensive profile that highlights their expertise and credentials. Jules is committed to keeping the platform commission-free, making it accessible to women from all walks of life.

Jules’s message to Australian women, and specifically female speakers in Australia is clear: seize this opportunity to amplify your voice and be part of a movement that’s reshaping the speaking landscape. By joining the directory, women not only increase their visibility but also contribute to a growing network of female speakers, empowering each other and inspiring future generations.

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