The Easy Way To Manage Your Wardrobe with Netrobe

Frederique Bros
on 19 May 2013

Sometimes, I need to give a closer look inside of my wardrobe and take action. There are so many clothes that I don’t use anymore or that I’ve completely forgot I had them! If only there was a easy way to manage my wardrobe… A way to access my entire wardrobe via iPhone…

Inspired by the now infamous virtual closet in Clueless, Netrobe, an iPhone app out of Athens, Greece, attempts exactly this, helping you remember the individual items from your wardrobe by giving you a tool to catalog them. Netrobe allows iPhone users to mix and match individual items of clothing or accessories on a Styleboard, create outfits for events, pack entire suitcases or add inspirational images to a Lookbook.

Netrobe is a different app. Because the fidelity of its image background removal tool, which she describes as “Photoshop level,” its streamlined design and its Suitcase feature which allows users to virtually pack for trips.


This wardrobe management application helps you upload your clothes online by photographing them on the spot and removing the background image or by searching through a database of clothes to find what you own.

Create outfits, share your stylish looks with your friends and discover what your friends are wearing too.

Use NETROBE to plan what to wear in your upcoming events, pack your suitcase for your next trip and create your own personal lookbook from the outfits you’ve worn or things you like.

Note: If you don’t know what to do with the clothes you haven’t wear in years, drop them to St Vincent or to The Salvation Army.

Photo Courtesy: NetRobe

About Netrobe

Your personal online social closet and styling fashion app. Discover the latest trends, fashion bloggers and tips on what to wear.

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