The ghd Rise – The Hot Hair Tool With Intelligent Tech

By Pamela Connellan
on 17 March 2021

The ghd Rise is hot hair tool designed to give you more volume and body in your hair by using the latest, intelligent tech to achieve this Also called a ‘hot brush,’ the Rise has ultra-zone SMART technology which senses and predicts your hair’s needs, as you style.

The Rise is a pretty high-tech device designed to create two times more volume for those who use it, from the root of the hair to the tip. It has the ability to monitor its temperature 250 times per second so it can maintain a consistent 185 degrees.

Dr Tim Moore, ghd Vice President of Smart Devices, says the reason ghd built this capability into the Rise is so it can detect changes in the amount of hair – or what they like to call thermal load – and then it can make adjustments to the power available so this temperature is constant at all times.

Why does the temperature need to be at 185°C consistently?

Dr Moore says if the temperature of the device is constant at 185°C, you’re able to achieve the best results. This is because, 185°C is the optimum heat for giving your hair style longevity:

“It’s all in the styling temperature,” says Dr Moore. “185°C means you don’t cause hair damage while the temperature is still high enough to give strong style. If your hair is damaged, you will find the style does not last as long and you have the added issues of frizz.”

“Creating volume is achieved by styling the hair root so it comes straight out of the scalp rather than at an angle,” Dr Moore adds. “To get it to do this, you need to style close to the root and scalp without touching the scalp, because that would hurt with a hot tool! To do this, the bristles are super important: they need to be long enough to keep the heat away from the head, but short enough to get the lift close to the hair root.”

ghd Rise
The ghd Rise is said to give you 2 times the volume in your hair.
ghd Rise

‘Volume’ continues to be a popular searched term

It seems that a lot of people are after more volume in their hair. As ghd CEO, Jeroen Temmerman says: “With volume continuing to be a popular searched term for hair and with a high lack of trust in volumising products, we wanted to set out to achieve an easy-to-use tool that delivers that trust and amazing results, every time.”

Ghd’s ANZ Education Manager, Grant Norton says: “This is what we’ve been waiting for! So many of my clients strive for quick and gorgeous volume and ghd rise is the answer. This innovative tool can create volume wherever you need it – whether it’s to lift right from the roots or add body throughout!”

The Rise is designed with smooth-touch nylon bristles which are optimised to ensure the closest contact to lift hair from the root and glides smoothly through the lengths for tanglefree styling. The result? Hopefully, it’s healthier looking hair with volume that lasts.

To work with the Rise, ghd has also released a new ‘root lift spray’ which they say will increase the volume of your hair by 2.5 times – in combination with the Rise.

Ghd Rise and spray
As well as the ghd Rise there’s now root lift spray
which is said to help create volume as well.

The Rise comes after the Glide

The ghd Rise comes after the ghd Glide which was released last year.

The ghd rise is available now in hair salons, department stores and at

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