The Hamish and Andy Podcast has Reclaimed Its Spot at The Top

By Emeric Brard
on 15 May 2020

Women Love Tech has previously looked at some of the best up and coming podcasts that Australia has had to offer in 2020…but which one takes the throne?

When it comes to local Australian podcasts, there are a lot of great ones out there. Big names like The Kylie and Jackie O Show sit near the top in fourth place, with Kate, Tim and Marty right behind them in fifth. The big corporations like News Corp Australia’s “From the Newsroom” sits in second after having been at the top for a while.

But ultimately, it’s the comedy duo of Hamish Blake and Andy Lee that have reclaimed the crown in the latest Aussie podcast statistics.

#1 Hamish & Andy SCA-PodcastOne Australia
#2 From The NewsroomNews Corp Australia
#3 7amSchwartz Media
#4 The Kyle & Jackie O ShowARN/iHeartMedia
#5 Kate, Time & MartyNova
#6 The Howie GamesSCA-PodcastOne Australia
#7 Sky News – News Bulletin News Corp Australia
#8 WhateleySEN / Crocmedia
#9 SEN BreakfastSEN / Crocmedia
#10 Rush Hour MelbourneSCA-Triple M

In what is a show that stretches the boundaries of thinking, Hamish and Andy along with the help of their button-pusher, Jack, hilariously taunt one another and occasionally delve into the smaller things that life has to offer.

Wondering what makes them the best of the best? Just watch the above clip and you’ll see why. It brings a smile on your face and really leaves you feeling involved in the conversation – as if you were just messing around with some mates.

The Australian Podcast Ranker, courtesy of Radio Alive, started up in October of 2019 and has served as a means of helping “guide brands and agencies on where to advertise in podcasting” but also to raise awareness for the sector as a whole.

Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) even noted an increase in downloads of Australian podcasts by 10%, up to 3.9 million.

Click here to start listening to the Hamish & Andy Podcast.

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