What’s Trending On TikTok Right Now

Pamela Connellan
on 14 August 2022

There’s always a lot happening on TikTok and we’re going to share with you who’s getting millions of views and who are the hottest trends in Australia for this month. From the most popular hashtags, songs, creators and videos – we’ll give you an inside look into what’s trending right now in Australia.

Top 3 Trending Hashtags:

  • #tylerthecreator – With over 6.5 billion views, Tyler is currently touring in Australia and everyone hasn’t stopped talking about him for the last 11 days.
Tyler Tik Tok
Tyler let loose when performing at the Wireless Festival in Birmingham recently.

Top 3 Popular Sounds / Songs in Australia on TikTok:

  • Carrying Your Love – From puppies to babies, this TikTok song couldn’t get any more adorable.
TikTok Love
Carrying Your Love is rating well on TikTok.

Top 3 Popular Creators in Australia right now:

  • Hannah Balanay – @thexhan – With 18 million followers, Hannah shares fun dance videos and cool street style.
TikTok @thexhan
18 million followers are watching @thexhan on TikTok.
  • Caleb Finn – @caleb.finn – With 15.6 million followers, Caleb is known for his skits and short stories. He also shares his life with his partner and baby.
  • Mocha – @mochapom – With 13.9 million followers, Mocha is a cheeky Pomeranian dog who shows off his skills. 

Top 3 TikTok Videos by Likes:

  • @tubsthebluestaffy – With 7.5 million Likes, it’s good to keep in touch with Tubs the blue staffy as she gets more and more pats – this is heart rending stuff.
  • @risingsunz – 2.5 million Likes
  • @bigguyjon – 5.4 million Likes

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