MCoBeauty’s Viral Taylor Swift Lookalike Campaign “Enchanted” 6.6 Million Instagram Viewers!

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 29 February 2024

Sick of Swiftie mania yet? Looks like you might just be in the minority, with the MCoBeauty Taylor Swift Lookalike Campaign clocking up over six and a half million views on Instagram. Meaning it’s gone almost as viral as Tay Tay friendship bracelets!

Given that the Aussie beauty brand is as well known for its amazing dupes. As well as its disruptive marketing campaigns (their ground breaking partnership with Celeste Barber, aptly named ‘The Celeste Effect’, propelled us to $6 million in sales in 2021) it is little surprise that their latest endeavour set out to shake up (or should that be shake off?) the industry once again. This time, inspired by the indomitable Taylor Swift and her unparallelled influence, MCoBeauty Taylor Swift Lookalike Campaign embarked on a journey that would captivate millions: 6.6 million of them to be a little more precise.

MCoBeauty Taylor Swift Lookalike

With Taylor Swift’s ambassadorship beyond their budget, Shelley Sullivan’s trailblazing beauty brand decided to take an alternative route by embracing the power of doppelgangers. The strategy was clear. Leverage the star power of Taylor Swift through a lookalike to create buzz and engagement unlike anything we’ve seen before.

An initial Instagram video, strategically crafted to build anticipation, exceeded all expectations. Amassing a staggering 6.6 million views – a record breaking milestone for the brand. The numbers spoke volumes. For example: 2.4 million views from non followers, 67.5k likes, 1.5k comments, and 3.9k shares. The resonance of the campaign extended far beyond their existing audience. And, captivated the attention of millions worldwide.

In a strategic move to sustain momentum, MCoBeauty then followed up with a second video four hours later. Allowing the anticipation to simmer and curiosity to peak. This subsequent video garnered an additional 261k views, further elucidating the purpose behind the guerrilla marketing endeavour. The engagement metrics continued to impress: 5.3k likes, 123 comments, and 1,028 shares. The campaign had ignited a wildfire of interest, with individuals eagerly joining the conversation.

The comments section served as a testament to the campaign’s success, offering a glimpse into the public’s fervent response to all things Tay Tay. From astonishment to admiration, the sentiment was overwhelmingly positive. Many users expressed awe at the resemblance of the MCoBeauty Taylor Swift Lookalike. While others lauded the ingenuity in capturing the essence of one of pop culture’s most iconic figures.

MCoBeauty Taylor Swift Lookalike

In a world of beauty marketing that can sometimes be filled with “blank spaces”, MCoBeauty dared to do things a little differently. And, if their latest video is anything to go by, the next “dupe” ultimately promises to be absolutely enchanting.

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