The New Kenwood Multi Smart: Cooking Just Got Easier

The robots are here, and they're cooking your food! Well, almost

The New Kenwood Multi Smart: Cooking Just Got Easier

Cooking can be therapeutic for some people, but for a lot of us lesser mortals, having to cook a meal at either end of a busy day is just a chore we’d gladly avoid. To take care of cooking for the latter sort of people and for time-poor Australians, comes the Kenwood kCook MULTI Smart. Homemade dinners just got immensely easier.

The cooking processor creates an entire meal with the use of just one appliance and its own app. The perfect kitchen commodity, it enables busy people to enjoy fresh and healthy meals made from scratch.

It’s designed in such a way that the app controls the machine from your phone, and also works perfectly with six pre-set functions, helping users create tasty meals everyday or for special occasions, without having to worry about the time it takes them to cook or the mess they make.

The Kenwood kCook MULTI Smart allows users to prepare and cook a full meal using only one machine. You can slice, grate and prepare ingredients directly into the bowl or rotate it to prepare separate side dishes. You can also choose one of six cooking programmes ranging from main meal, sauce, steam, stir fry and dessert.

Once you’ve connected everything, the process becomes easier. We made some vegetable soup using a recipe from the app and it was a super easy process. Simply, adding the ingredients into the bowl and pressing the start button and in 30 minutes, hey presto, we had a delicious meal. Previously, the process was boiling the ingredients in a pan and then transferring it into a blender which involved much more time and dishes to wash. With the Kenwood thermomix it’s so much easier to cook. It’s easy to see why people become devotees.

The app offers inspiration from the Kenwood recipe bank and social community, with step-by-step recipes, on-screen weighing with the connected scales, and easy sizing of meals based on the number of servings. If you don’t have an ingredient or don’t particularly like it, the app even offers a smart swap instead.

The Kenwood Multi Smart, Revolutionising The Way Families Cook
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The easy-to-use connected cooking food processor comes with a generous 4.5 litre bowl to help you tackle tasty recipes with ease. It has a wide temperature range from 30°C -180°C incorporating the possibility of slow cooking, frying and even browning within the bowl. Yum!

The Kenwood kCook MULTI Smart retails at $1,699 and will be available at selected major retailers from 1 August 2018. For more information, visit the Kenwood website.

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