The New Mom’s Guide to a Seamless Return to the Workplace

By Sophia Smith
on 17 March 2024

This is the moment you, and many moms like you, have been dreading. How can you return to work slowly and carefully and now leave your mind at home with your baby? Working is most likely an integral part of your life and a necessity for many, but it’s necessary to do it the right way. 

Here are a few tips (tested and approved) for any new mom who needs to go back to work: 

1. Leverage Technology for Efficiency

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In the modern workplace, technology isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity, especially for the multitasking entrepreneur. For the new mom returning to her business endeavors, apps like Trello and Asana can be lifesavers. These platforms allow for seamless project management, enabling you to oversee tasks, deadlines, and collaborations without getting overwhelmed. Imagine updating project timelines or delegating tasks while rocking your baby to sleep—all possible with a few taps on your smartphone. 

Moreover, integrating voice-assisted devices into your workflow can significantly boost productivity. Whether sending an email through voice commands as you feed your baby or setting up reminders for your next business meeting, these smart technologies ensure that your business operations are as smooth and efficient as your parenting style.

2. Flexible Scheduling is Your Friend

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The concept of a fixed work schedule often becomes impractical for new moms venturing back into the entrepreneurial world. Adopting flexible work schedules gives you additional opportunities for productivity in addition to enabling you to schedule your work obligations around your infant’s rhythm. If you’re an early riser, reserve your early hours for intensely focused work; lighter jobs should be saved for when your infant wakes up and needs your attention. 

Don’t be afraid to work in shorter, more concentrated blocks of time or to plan your day around your baby’s naps. This method guarantees that you’re present for those priceless times with your child while still maximizing your effectiveness. Recall that scheduling flexibility means adjusting to and succeeding in both your duties as a mother and an entrepreneur, not sacrificing productivity.

3. Create a Stimulating Environment for Your Baby


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While balancing entrepreneurial tasks, ensuring your baby has a stimulating environment that promotes learning and development is vital. This way, when you’re not around, you’ll at least know they are being entertained in the best way possible. Things like safe Montessori toys for babies are rooted in the Montessori philosophy of education, and they help develop fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and sensory exploration. All while keeping your baby engaged. 

You’re not only providing yourself with the uninterrupted time you need for work when you set up a place full of learning toys that encourage curiosity and growth, but you’re also positively impacting your baby’s early developmental milestones. Your proactive playtime strategy for your infant is evidence of your twofold dedication to your child’s health and the success of your business.

4. Build a Support Network


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An extensive network of support is essential, not a luxury. This network can include trusted nannies, family, friends, and other company owners who understand the difficulties of juggling work and parenthood. Co-working spaces offering daycare (check apps like GoWork or LiquidSpace for recommendations) are a great choice for working parents who want to work professionally without sacrificing their family time. 

In addition, mompreneur online forums and groups can provide you with a wealth of information, emotional and practical support, and a sense of community derived from sharing similar experiences.  Creating and sustaining these relationships can be the difference between feeling helpless and in control because they provide you with both useful assistance and reassurance that you’re not alone. 

5. Set Boundaries and Communicate Openly

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This tip might be last, but it’s the most important one of all. Boundaries will save your sanity when you’re juggling work and parenting. It’s critical to let your colleagues and clients know your availability and work hours so they know when you’re accessible and unavailable. This will give you plenty of time when you’ll be concentrating on your family, and leave enough time for work, meetings, and phone calls. 

Setting limits in your home is also crucial if you want to make sure that family time is uninterrupted and work time is fruitful. Striking this balance can help you keep your professional ties intact and make sure your family knows how important your work is. 

The journey back to the workplace post-baby is filled with its own set of challenges, especially for the entrepreneurial spirit eager to dive back into the world of business. But if you follow these tips that many moms before you created and tested, your transition will be much less stressful. Remember, it’s about making informed choices that benefit both your role as a mother and an entrepreneur. The road ahead might be complex, but with these strategies, it’s entirely possible to navigate it with confidence and grace.


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