The OPPO A52: The Affordable And Reliable Smartphone

Emeric Brard
on 30 April 2020

OPPO’s latest smartphone is the A52, and it ticks plenty of boxes with its visuals, photography capabilities, next-level performance, immersive sound experience, and most notably its low price.

Let’s break down the OPPO A52.



The A52 is equipped with a 1080p Neo-Display with a 90.5% screen to body ratio. With this, users will get clear and sharp visuals without using so much power. The screen is 6.5 inches with a front camera embedded with the left and right bezels being only 1.73mm in width which is what allows the impressive screen too body to ratio.

The display itself features a 1080p resolution with a maximum brightness of 480 nits for clear viewing even In sunlight.


The A52 comes boasts an 8MP front camera and a main AI quad cam setup comprising a 12MP main camera along with a 8MP Ultra Wide Angle Lens. Its Ultra Night Mode 2.0 makes capturing those beautiful night shots possible without sacrificing the sharpness of the little details.

If you want to spice up your selfies and group photos, AI beautification technology gives the user to option of beautifying up to four people at once.

If you’re into filming, the A52’s anti-shake capability will surely come in handy for the rougher shots.



Its signature operating system, Color OS 7.1, gives users a smooth and powerful experience. Paired with Hyberboost, the A52 also delivers fluid gaming and app experiences.

Its 5000 mAh battery lets users enjoy all these games and apps all-day, and thanks Fast Charge, it can go back up to 50% in a mere 45 minutes.


Maybe one of the lesser looked at aspects of a smartphone, but OPPO has equipped the A52 with Dual Stereo Speakers for louder and better quality sound at both the top and the bottom of the phone to really balance it out.


The A52 provides a comfortable holding experience with not only its 3D curved shape, but also its lightness at just 192 grams.

The fingerprint unlock has also changed locations and is now on the side of the phone so that unlocking your phone is a more natural, fluid action.

It seems OPPO have produced a product that balances all aspects of what a smartphone consists of. If they’re capable in all the above fields, it’s most likely that they won’t be outstanding in any of them. The price, though, may be a deciding factor in the purchasing process.

RRP: $299.00

Colours: Twilight Black and Stream White 


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