The ‘Spotify For Cookbooks’ Has Launched A Kickstarter Campaign

By Women Love Tech
on 21 July 2018

Are you tired of cooking the same lamb roast every time you have your friends over?

Do you often wish you had someone like Peter Gordon to guide you in the kitchen? Do you wish your library had cookbooks from cooks/authors like Luke Nguyen and Molly Yeh?

Your prayers might just be answered with ‘ckbk’ (yes, it’s written in lowercase and pronounced ‘cookbook’), a London and New York based digital subscription service for anyone who likes to cook.

ckbk provides seamless and unlimited digital access to the world’s best cookbooks that include over 100,000 recipes. The digital cookbooks were curated by experts, with selections and input from hundreds of leading chefs and food writers including Nigella Lawson, Yotam Ottolenghi and Fergus Henderson. All the cookbooks have been licensed from their publishers.

The comprehensive collection includes contemporary authors such as David Tanis, Tessa Kiros, Naomi Duguid and Thug Kitchen; old favorites including Marcella Hazan, Paula Wolfert, Ken Hom and Keith Floyd, and culinary bibles such as Escoffier, On Food & Cooking and the Oxford Companion to Food.

The range of recipes is also extremely wide, so whether you like Asian street food and ramen or Texas style BBQ, your food cravings will most certainly be catered to.

ckbk’s online community is a great source for cooking tips and inspiration as well, with home and professional cooks sharing cooking hints, photos and recommendations for their favourite cookbook recipes. You can even create “recipe playlists” to make the act of cooking even more fun!

ckbk launched its kickstarter campaign earlier this month with exclusive early access, benefits and rewards for founder subscribers.

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