The Starlet: Womanizer Brings Us Pleasure Made Simple

Womanizer Launches the Starlet

Do you remember your first vibrator? I do and for all the wrong reasons. My first vibrator was a state of the art post-breakup splurge that made me feel like Samantha from Sex and the City at the cash register. Super lux and hundreds of bucks the vibrator had one serious problem. Like garter belts, corsets and your Tinder date who quotes you Keats but still lives on his exes’ couch, it was “just too complicated” once I took it home with me.

Watching ten Youtube tutorials to figure out what to do with your new sex toy is hardly a turn-on. And, with about twenty different functions and a size and weight that triggered my RSI, my vibrator was giving me worse performance anxiety than my ex-boyfriend.

via GIPHY Womanizer believes some vibrators leave new users more perplexed than de-stressed.

Eventually, I figured out how to get bang for my buck out of that particular investment. But it took longer than I would like to admit. Leading sex toy brand Womanizer believes (thankfully) that I am not alone. Many women are being stalled by learning curves when they purchase their first pleasure products. To quote Paris Hilton on the Simple Life: Not hot.

Womanizer’s answer to the problem? The Starlet, a product with the modest aim of simplifying the female orgasm, and removing the intimidation factor for first time toy users. So, how does it stack up?

The Starlet Makes Her Debut

Womanizer’s Head of Communications Johanna Rief announced that the Starlet will ensure “every person with a clitoris can enjoy the benefits of pleasure products without feeling overwhelmed.”

Womanizer has condensed all the benefits of their famed, and patented, Pleasure Air Technology into one petite package. Simple to navigate The Starlet features a two-button circuit, four intensity levels and a sleek package that is lightweight enough to go with you everywhere.

Womanizer's new Starlet Vibrator
The Starlet, available in Sapphire Blue, Coral and Cherry Red, $119.00 at

The Starlet is the perfect, diminutive vessel for Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air technology. At the tip of the Starlet is a small silicone nozzle, identical to those found on their larger devices. This nozzle “caps” the clitoris to deliver “pulsating pressure waves” that will feel like the best head of your life. It is also USB chargeable in 30 minutes flat (mine is connecting to my laptop as I write), and 100% waterproof. That means you can use it whenever and where ever you want.

And for those girls who like the best of both worlds, it’s small enough to use with your partner – without getting in the way of things.

Sometimes there is a genius in simplicity.

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