Guide To The Most Popular Movies This Month

Max Wilson
on 6 December 2022

As November draws to a close, kick off summer and the school holidays with movies straight out of the cinema. Watch them the way they were intended no ads, no interruptions. No need to stress about how you’re going to keep the family or yourself entertained when you want a relaxing night in. Kick back, relax and rent or buy a movie from the comfort of your home.

Here are some of the top movies:

Nope came in as the most purchased movie in Australia during November, showing the appetite for the freshest blockbusters straight after their cinema release. This comes as no surprise considering the genius of Jordan Peele and his knack for horror.

Next down the list was Bullet Train starring Brad Pitt, the action-packed comedy action movie with creative and stunning cinematography. The movie is set almost entirely on a train and cleverly uses this to its advantage.

Following along was the highly anticipated and star-studded Don’t Worry Darling. The thriller/mystery has all the deceit, lies and twists you can imagine. Seeing as it’s set in the 50s, prepare yourself for great fashion, hairstyles, and cars.

Don't Worry Darling (IGN)
Don’t Worry Darling (IGN)

To keep the kids entertained, think DC League of Super Pets starring iconic duo Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Follow Superdog Krypto as he tries to rescue Superman and all your other favourite DC Superheros.

One that may seem surprising is Avatar, the 2009 classic. Catch the movie that changed everyone’s perception of the limits of CGI before the highly awaited Avatar: The Way of Water hits cinemas on December 14.

Avatar: The Way of Water (IMDB)
Avatar: The Way of Water (IMDB)

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