The Top Ten Apps To Help You Live More Sustainably

Pamela Connellan
on 4 November 2022

Let’s face it – we can’t be without our mobile phone these days and they’re also an indispensable ally when it comes to helping us organise ourselves to live a more sustainable life. There are heaps of apps out there which will show you how to use your resources more efficiently and take care of the environment at the same time. Take a look at our top ten sustainable apps here.

IHuerting – all you need to know to build your own urban garden


With iHuerting you can start building an urban garden from scratch. Bit by bit you can become an urban farmer when planting on your own terrace, patio or backyard.

iHuerting helps you take care of your garden in an intuitive, simple and fun way. It will remind you when to water, fertilise and prevent pests in your plants in an organic way.

Download the app for iOS and Android here:

Oroeco – lets you calculate your carbon footprint


Oroeco is an application which allows you to combat climate change by calculating your daily carbon footprint – based on your electricity consumption, transport, food and leisure activities.

It also helps you to easily reduce your carbon footprint by offering tips adapted to your necessities and way of life.

Download the app for iOS and Android here:

JoinIn gives you connected solidarity

join in

JoinIn applies the core idea of “think globally, act locally”. You can use this app to improve the world… starting with your closest environment.

It works by putting in contact and facilitating the collaboration between different individuals. The user offers his or her time and skills to help other people, organisations, their community or their immediate surroundings.

Download the app for iOS and Android here:

Refresh Go Green – tips for a greener life

Refresh Green

This application helps users turn their days into much more sustainable ones through small and simple steps.

With 52 tips, this app gives useful information to turn your home into a greener environment, as well as indications about your diet, health, or daily habits.

Download the app for iOS and Android here:

Bikemap – provides more than three kilometres of cycling routes


With Bikemap you’ll get more than three million kilometres of cycling routes on your phone. Designed by cyclists for cyclists, this application allows you to download information on paths and roads suitable for cycling users in more than 80 countries.

Among the features the app contains, you’ll find interactive tours that offer data on terrain elevation and slope. The app is updated frequently adding new routes from all around the world.

Download the app for iOS and Android here:

Sustainable Development Goals – keeps you in touch

Sustainable SDG app

With this United Nations app you’ll always have the most up-to-date information on the latest Sustainable Development Goals. Check the SDGs whenever you want, discover how you can contribute to their fulfillment and design your own initiatives.

You can also receive personalised notifications about the Sustainable Development Goals which interest you the most. Spread the word, share the goals!

Download the app for iOS and Android here:

HowGood – the sustainable food guide

Chomp: An App Helping You Determine What's Vegan And What's Not

The HowGood platform offers you a catalogue with over 100,000 food products analysed through sixty indicators like ingredient supply, community impact, food processing or the level of producer commitment.

In this way, you can always know how any food has been produced before deciding whether to buy it based on how respectful it has been with society or the environment.

Download the app for iOS and Android here:!/download

Love Food Hate Waste – lets you optimise your food consumption at home

gluten free FoodSwitch

A third of the food produced for human consumption is wasted every year but we can help reduce this figure in our homes with the help of the Love Food Hate Waste app.

That’s why this application helps control food consumption through a cookbook which offers dishes that you can cook with the food you have in the refrigerator and a food shopping list, storage and consumption planner.

Download the app for iOS and Android here:

Sustainability aware – sustainable education for children

Sustainable Education

For the little ones, there are apps to teach them more about sustainability. This is the case of Sustainability Aware, an app that brings together a collection of educational games for children between 8 and 12 years old.

The application teaches the positive aspects of sustainable living, caring for nature and animals or how their actions can have an impact on the planet. For older kids, Sustainability Aware introduces more advanced concepts such as renewable energy, sustainable mobility or climate change.

Download the app for iOS and Android here:

JouleBug – share your sustainability tips


JouleBug is an app which goes all the way – not only does it give you tips to make your days more sustainable – it also allows you to share your own tips and tricks with other users via videos and consumption savings statistics etc.

With JouleBug you can unify all the steps that allow you to be more sustainable and save money in a single application that also puts you in contact with your friends, neighbors and colleagues to check their progress.

Download the app for iOS and Android here:

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