The Travelling Robotic Suitcase

The Travelling Robotic Suitcase

If you’ve ever had a burning desire to own a suitcase that can follow you around the airport, leaving your hands free, then the answer could be just a crowd-fund away.

Travelmate Robotics has designed and created a fully automated robotic suitcase that’s programmed to work seamlessly through crowds. The suitcase integrates with a smartphone to do what no other suitcase can do: move vertically or horizontally with ease, completely on its own.

It’s able to navigate crowds and avoid objects – it also features omni wheels and a ‘follow me’ system with built in sensors so it won’t crash into furniture, buildings…animals or people.

It also uses a Travelmate app for your smartphone and travels at speeds of 10.9 km per hour.

It apparently has a ‘whisper quiet’ motor so it doesn’t shake, rattle and roll as it follows you – it can either carry a second bag on top. It also features an electrical outlet and USB port so you can charge your devices as you move around.

The product is waiting to be crowd-funded with a goal of $100,000 so Travelmate can take it to production. But if you want one immediately, you can buy a suitcase for US$399.

Libby Jane Charleston

Written by Libby Jane Charleston

LJ Charleston is the Editor At Large of award-winning lifestyle technology site Women Love Tech. LJ’s expertise comes from her 20+ years’ experience as a senior journalist in TV, newspapers, radio and more recently digital media, along with a passion for everything tech.

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