The Ukrainian Designers Taking On Paris Fashion Week (And The Platform Helping Them Out)

Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 8 October 2023

Amidst the turmoil of its recent history, Ukrainian fashion designers have emerged as a beacon of creativity, resilience, and unity. The Eastern European nation’s sartorial scene is quietly under going a renaissance. Led by a woman who loves tech – and fashion trends – with equal measure. 

All about

At the heart of this transformation is entrepreneur Jen Sidary, the Founder and CEO of Not just an eCommerce website; the brand is also a platform, a show room, and a brand-building powerhouse. And the company’s mission is clear: to support Ukrainian fashion designers and drive their global growth through strategic and innovative solutions. Representing over 40 Ukrainian designers, with a portfolio of more than 2000 products, has transcended borders, bringing the unique essence of Ukrainian fashion to a worldwide audience. Its recent launch of a wholesale, business to business platform further demonstrates its commitment to elevate Ukrainian designers on the global stage. Most recently Jen showcased 11 new Ukrainian designers to the world via Paris Fashion Week.

To Paris, via Ukraine

Following a warm welcome at Milan and New York in the weeks prior, a selection of Ukraine’s hottest fashion labels took to the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.

With the City of Lights the timeless epicentre of fashion and creativity, and always at the forefront of the global innovation, diversity and creativity, it was unsurprisingly to see it eagerly welcome 11 of’s outstanding Ukrainian fashion brands onto its grand stage.

These labels captivated Paris and the world beyond with their distinctive blend of artistry and resilience. And, with a unique fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern design, are helping the Ukrainian style gain the international recognition it deserves.

11 Designers from Ukrainian Fashion Designers To Watch

Paris Fashion Week is not just a showcase of clothing; it’s a celebration of culture, identity, and the enduring spirit of the creative industry. With the world watching,  Ukrainian fashion took its well-deserved place at the heart of the global fashion conversation, led by these 11 designers.

  • T.Mosca’s AW23-24 collection embodies the spirit of an adventurous woman. It merges iconic dresses and suits with whimsy and elegance, featuring delicate feathers symbolising boundless spirit.
  • KATERINA KVIT redefines leather as a second skin with minimalist design, luxury materials, and tailoring, creating practical yet sensual pieces.
  • ELENAREVA’s SS’24 COLLECTION draws inspiration from the Mother Goddess cult. And blends feminine and masculine elements with structured jackets, chiffon dresses, and more.
  • Bobkova’s mallow-inspired collection celebrates Ukrainian heritage, emphasising sustainability and empowerment through conscious fashion production.
  • A.M.G.’s ‘X’ collection empowers modern women with eco-friendly designs made from premier materials, including cotton, viscose, linen, and wool.
  • GASANOVA, a ready-to-wear brand, blends elegance with playfulness, offering bold colors, textured materials, crystal-adorned gowns, and statement accessories.
  • KACHOROVSKA, a Ukrainian shoe brand, is known for comfortable, classic designs crafted from natural materials, prioritising both style and comfort.
  • GUDU’s SS24 collection features innovative cuts that highlight individuality, transforming familiar pieces into fresh interpretations for any wardrobe.
  • J’AMEMME is a couture brand recognised for wearable designs with architectural silhouettes and distinctive pleats. It emphasises a zero-waste approach and unique fabrics.
  • MY SLEEPING GYPSY introduces the GLASS HOUSE. The collection fuses art, architecture, and fashion inspired by the GLASS HOUSE by Philip Johnson.
  • OMELIA, a Ukrainian redesign brand, upcycles vintage and surplus shirts to reduce environmental waste while promoting diversity and acceptance.

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