The V-Fitness Smart Watch Fitness Activity Tracker For Under $100

By Women Love Tech
on 11 November 2019

If you were to ask someone 10 years ago if they would wear a digital watch, you would be met with “imagine having to charge your watch every night before you go to sleep.” If you take some time to reflect on how much our world has advanced, you would realise that a smartwatch is vital in our digitally revolutionised world. With the new Apple Watch going for $700, the Laser V-Fitness Smart Watch Activity Tracker takes the best from the most popular brands while still making it very affordable.

In the early 60’s, we had the first supercomputers that everyone had to share and could be only used in one place. Desktop computers then allowed families the benefits of the internet in their living room. Yet when the widespread invasion of smartphones allowed children as young as eight to have access to such power, everyday activities were suddenly dependant on these pocket sized computers.

The V-Fitness Smart Watch Fitness Activity Tracker
The V-Fitness Smart Watch Fitness Activity Tracker

At the beginning of the decade, we got the smart-watch, a device that put the necessities of daily communication and information on your wrist. With the ability of a fitness tracker integrated into the Laser v-fitness, our inherent behaviour to be connected to these ultra-personal devices is harnessed and turned around, forcing the user to be invested in their health through features such as the heart rate monitor, steps and sleep tracker.

The Laser compliments the smartphone, keeping the price low by using features from a device you already have allowing it to be packed with health-focused features while also keeping you connected. Whether you are weight-lifting, powering through a marathon or swimming the water resistance rating of IPX8 allows for all terrain. However, the watch relies on the companionship of the smartphone for tracking your exercise with GPS.

The V-Fitness Smart Watch Fitness Activity Tracker
The V-Fitness Smart Watch Fitness Activity Tracker

With a lightweight and sleek design, the watch incorporates a silicon strap that is so comfortable I cannot feel it at night. The face has the familiar square-shaped case with rounded corners together with two physical buttons on either side that can be used to navigate throughout the watch. Around the back is a heart rate sensor, and four pogo pins that power the device through a clip-on charger included in the packaging. With just three hours of charge, the v-fitness can typically last for 7-10 days.

Navigating the watch’s screen is free of any hiccups. Although it is not matched with watchOS and FitbitOS, the screen’s display is simple and only displays what is necessary rather than going above and beyond with fancy details. From the main screen, four different interfaces including the notification bar, status bar, data bar and function list allow for all the information to be displayed on the watch.

The watch is complimented by its own app ‘VeryFitPro’, which allows the device to expand its features through the user’s smartphone. The app allows you to set your own targets such as the amount of the steps you wish to walk in a day, how many hours of sleep you are aiming for and your desired weight. The home screen displays an easy to read interface, showcasing your progress throughout the day as well as your achievements over a weekly basis.

As the team at Laser says, “With our finger on the technology pulse, we’re always several steps ahead of emerging technology trends and consumer trends. We’re always searching for new ways to innovate.” I believe for sub $100, with the benefits of having the features of the Apple Watch and Fitbit, the Laser v-fitness reflects our ever-changing world to which this is the epitome of how far technology has come.

V-Fitness Smart Watch Fitness Activity Tracker Product Features

With a range of features including a heart rate monitor, steps and sleep tracker, music player and a built-in sports mode; you can now measure your progress against your goals. Whether running, walking in the rain or swimming, this device will keep on working as it has a water resistance rating of IPX8

  • Water Resistant – Rating of IPX8
  • Built-in Sports Mode
  • Stopwatch
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Steps Tracker

Although the recommended retail price is $99, the watch can be found for $79 using the link here.

Women Love Tech would like to thank Luke van Ratingen for this article.

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