The Wedding Weight Loss Expert

The Wedding Weight Loss Expert

I am excited to introduce you Grace from Bride Body: The Wedding Weight Loss Expert a site where you can plan your perfect weight and fitness before the big day. It’s a very inspiring and motivating bride site.

Can you give us a little background on career to date?

I started my career in women’s magazine. The very first magazine I worked on was Good Health and Medicine, so my interest in health and fitness can be traced back right to the start! While still working in women’s magazines I began studying nutrition through the New York Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I started my studies out of personal interest, but it become such a passion and has since become my full time work. Which is something I recommend to all women starting businesses, make sure you have a passion for it!

The Wedding Weight Loss ExpertTell us how your blog came to be.

It was a very organic start. While I was still working in women’s magazines, friends started to get married and I saw first hand the drastic extremes they went through trying to lose weight for their wedding. It struck me how so many women weren’t aware of the fundamentals of weight loss via proper nutrition and exercise. I began applying what I’d learnt and wrote exercise and nutrition plans for friends to follow in the lead up to their weddings. By following the exercise and meal plans I wrote for them they were able to lose weight and tone up. Because of my focus on proper nutrition they also experienced clearer skin, and healthier shinier hair, which of course every bride wants for their wedding. Seeing the successes they had following my plans prompted me to start my blog and website to allow me to share these plans with a wider audience of any bride who wants to lose weight and tone up for their wedding.

Why aim your blog at women?

That’s who my customers are. We understand that women really want to look their best on their wedding day. The blog provides free hints and tips for brides in the lead up to their wedding in the areas of nutrition, exercise, skin care & general wedding related advice.

Brides can also sign up to our 100 Day Challenge, which gives brides everything they need to lose weight in time for their wedding, including a tailored exercise plan, meal plans, recipes and we even write their weekly shopping list out for them!

Have you met some major technology problem when you were creating your business?

Yes definitely. I used to be so frustrated that my grand vision for what I wanted brides to be able to access and experience when they sign up to our 100 Day Challenge was limited by technological constraints but I am so proud to say we’ve worked with some incredibly talented web developers who have been able to make my wildest dreams come true.

It’s been a long and hard slog, but it was important to me to always be making sure that we weren’t just replicating what everyone else was doing but be delivering a really cutting edge experience for our customers. I’m very excited about a lot of the new functionality we’re about to roll out in our new membership site for brides on our 100 Day Challenge. Even when we first started and had a small customer base, I was always very focused on putting systems in place right from the start which would allow us to scale quickly, which has made for a much smoother path in launching into the UK and US markets.

Would you call yourself a techno-savvy woman? Why?

It’s hard to run an online business and not have a good grasp of technology. Though, that side of things was a steep learning curves for me in setting up my own business. Certainly one of the hardest parts of making the transition from working for a big corporation to working for myself, was I couldn’t just phone the IT department and ask them to fix the problem for me!

Name 3 apps that you can’t live without.

Social media is very important in our business. Females, in particular, tend to treat social media as an extra channel for customer service, so lots of our customers doing the 100 Day Challenge will reach out to us via social media with questions they might have. We are very active on Facebook and Twitter and really enjoy communicating with our brides there.

I also am a regular user of Skype as it enables me to interview lots of overseas experts as well as be interviewed by overseas media myself.

How do think technology is changing women’s lives?

Something that I’ve really noticed through my business is how awesome the internet is at levelling the playing field. Because we’re an online business, it allows brides from absolutely anywhere to access our services. Whereas once upon a time, before the world wide web we would have been limited to only helping brides in our home town who we could meet with face to face (aka the traditional old school personal training model). It’s technology that now enables brides who live in regional areas where they mightn’t otherwise have had access to personal trainers to have a training program tailored to them.

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Written by Frederique Bros

Frederique Bros is a contributor for Women Love Tech. Frederique, who launched the website, has more than ten years in multimedia, graphic and web design. Born in France, she lives in Sydney with her French Bulldog Oscar.

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