Thinking About Purchasing A Fitness Tracker? Here Are Our Top 5

By Alice Duthie
on 7 April 2023

Do you feel like your health and fitness hasn’t been a priority lately? You certainly aren’t alone! According to ABS, only 27.2% of people aged 15 years and over meet the physical activity guidelines in Australia, and nearly half (49.4%) of employed people aged 18-64 years describe their day at work as mostly sitting.

With the rise in sedentary behaviour from WFH, there has never been a better time to consider purchasing a fitness tracker. Like the name suggests, these wearables can help you stay on ‘track’ towards meeting your fitness goals and encourage you to live a more healthy lifestyle overall.

But with so many great products on the market, how can you be confident in choosing the right one? Here, we’ve rounded up our top 5 fitness trackers on the marketplace right now. Check them out below:

Fitbit Luxe

The Fitbit Luxe is perfect for those who want all the latest health features, without compromising on style and aesthetics.

This tracker offers a daily readiness score – which reveals whether you’re ready to workout or if you should prioritise recovery – as well as all day activity monitoring, real-time pace and distance tracking and menstrual health tracking. Other perks include 5 day battery life, a vibrant colour display, call and text notifications, and a stylish bracelet-like watch design.

Fitbit Charge 5

fitness tracker

Another great tracker from Fitbit is the Charge 5. On top of the fitness features that the Luxe offers, the Charge 5 also has a blood oxygen sensor, and ECG sensor to measure heart health, and a built-in GPS tracker (so you can track outdoor workouts without having your phone nearby). The Charge 5 can also measure elevation through the altimeter, which is a feature you don’t get in the Luxe.

If you are looking for extra high-tech health features, the Charge 5 may be for you. However, if you want the perfect balance of style and fitness tracking, then the Luxe might suit you better.

Apple Watch SE

fitness tracker

The Apple Watch SE has all the best health monitoring capabilities – such as heart rate and sleep tracking – with the bonus of nifty smartwatch features. The main advantage of the Apple Watch, is that it gives you access to a wide range of fitness apps, such as Apple’s Fitness Plus, Nike Training Club, Strava, and more. Using the wallet app, you can also store payment cards, boarding passes, movie tickets or rewards cards for easy access.

If you want a seamlessly integrated experience between your Apple devices, then the Apple Watch SE could be a great fit for you.

Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro

fitness tracker

The GT3 Pro comes in a titanium (46mm) or ceramic body with a sapphire watch dial (43mm). With a long 14-days of battery life, this watch also has electrode technology for accurate health measurements. It can access over 100 personalised workouts – from golf to cross-country skiing to free training.

The GT3 Pro has IP68 and 5 ATM ratings for water resistance so you can wear it in the ocean as deep as 30 metres with the Free Diving Mode6.

On top of this, the GT3 Pro has all-day heart rate and SpO2 monitoring. It has loads of customisation options so you can personalise it to your taste.


Suunto Peak 9 fitness tracker

The Suunto 9 Peak is the thinnest and toughest from the Suunto line of sports watches so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a watch which is lightweight and durable at the same time. The 9 Peak fits easily on your wrist and you can charge it fully in one hour, and with more than 80 sport modes, there’s hardly anything it can’t track.

Another nice feature is the ‘Resources’ setting which shows you if you’ve overextended yourself and you need to rest – or if you’re all good and ready to go.

The 9 Peak comes with all the features you’d expect from a Suunto watch, including screens you can customise to show you the most relevant data for your exercise, accurate wrist-based heart rate monitoring and in-depth weather insights.

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