This Technology Ring Measures The State Of Your Mind

By Emilia Rossi
on 29 April 2015

I was thrilled when Frederique invited me to come on board as an official WLT writer. As a lifestyle and fashion blogger, and a Digital Marketing Consultant, I get excited when I find something that is both techy and fashionable.

For my first post I’m going to share with you the world’s first and smallest wearable device for measuring the state or you mind, whether you are calm or feeling highly strung up about something.

This Technology Ring Measures The State Of Your Mind

Introducing the Moodmetric ring founded by Henry Rimminen, an engineering genius with a PHD in electronics. Henry’s idea was to combine technology that already exists with a device that was easy to wear such as a fashionable ring that could capture data providing you with the results of your emotional state via an app.

An individual cannot measuring the state of their mind. It’s not possible and tests like this are currently operated for research purposes online in labs with complicated equipment. Henry and his team created the Moodmetric ring to allow anyone in the world to easily and inexpensively access information that makes you aware of your emotional state.

How does this ring work?

The Moodmetric ring works by measuring the electrodermal activity. This activity is generated by the sweat glands of the skin and it is the palm and finger area, which has the highest sweat gland density making it ideal to take the electrodermal activity measurement.

Did you know each time you experience a positive or negative reaction to something your sweat glands react? The sensors located on the inside of the ring band detects the changes in the skin and shows the emotion level changes in relation to user´s personal threshold values. This measurement will tell you the state of your mood/emotional intensity available by your Moodmetric app.

This Technology Ring Measures The State Of Your Mind

The app will display a measurement that sites between 0-100. Below are example situations with different stages to give you an idea of what things you maybe doing to record one of these measurement ranges.

0-20             Sitting at peace, doing mindfulness exercise

21-40           Leafing through a paper, walking

41-60           Discussing, listening

61-80           Situation at work with a slight pressure

81-100         Being stressed, being late, getting angry, being delighted

The ring tells you if certain parts of your day have brought up emotions or not and will tell you whether you are calm or not. This is important because sometimes understanding one´s mind is not so easy. How stressed was I today? How many long calm periods were there in my working day? The Moodmetric ring gives you exact data on the emotional intensity changes and helps to understand the stressing and calming factors of your life.

You don’t have to be active for the ring to work. It doesn’t report on your physical state. So even if you are sitting on the coach watching TV or working at your desk you can still wear the Moodmetric ring to record your emotional state.

The Moodmetric ring would appeal to people interested in their complete health including their physical and emotional state. The person who would purchase this ring appreciates beautifully designed things that are durable and well made.

I don’t see this ring being limited to customers. After talking with the team at Moodmetric they are passionate about the possibilities of how a piece of technology like this could help the digital health industry. For example a Doctor could suggest their patient use a ring like this during their recovery to see if the healing period is emotionally loading or even stressful.

The design of the ring

The ring is designed by Vesa Nilsson from OzJewel and has over 20 years experience as a jewellery designer. He wanted to highlight the jewel of the ring and not necessarily the incredible technology that drives it.

This was achieved by creating a design that was elegant – and comfortable to wear on a daily basis. It’s shape is very elegant and classy. The ring will be available in different metals (including real solid gold by special request) metal and material variations of the ring will be available late this year.

This ring gets me excited because I’m one of those people who are very interested in making sure my physical and emotional states are always aligned. So I’m personally looking forward to the release of this ring online later this year.

Images: Moodmetric

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