The Three Best Dining Apps To Share Your Passion For Food

By Grace Wong
on 16 June 2017

Initially when the weather drops we get excited about nights in with our Uggboots on, Netflix playing, and Deliveroo.

However, as the weeks roll on the novelty wears off, and we’re ready to do something else with our Friday night.

The problem is that while winter in Australia is mild compared to many other places, we can still need that extra bit of encouragement to get us out the door. With so many apps and home entertainment technology like Foodora, UberEats, Spotify and Stan, it can be that little bit harder for us to leave the comfort of the home.

The good news is that the next wave of dining experience apps is here to help you get outside and enjoy sharing a meal with friends. Here are the top three applications you should download this winter to help you get out the front door:

1. Liven

Source: iTunes Appstore

Liven officially launched this week and has set out to make dining more affordable and charitable in Australia. The restaurant loyalty and rewards app is now available in Sydney and Melbourne, with more than 500 restaurants on board including Chur Burger, Subsolo and Busshari in Sydney and Massi, Laksa Bar and Caffe e Cucina in Melbourne. You can use Liven to pay for a restaurant bill the same way you pay for an Uber ride; simply request the bill on your phone then swipe to pay and you’re instantly rewarded with cash credit. The best part? You’ll earn a minimum of 25% back from each bill, with some users already earning more than $1,500 in six months. The app is about giving too, with users having the option to share some or all of the credit they earn with a charity.

2. Vivino

Credit Picture: iTunes Appstore

Vivino is the world’s largest Wine App which allows you to take a photo of any wine label and learn that wine’s rating, review, and average price instantly. You can also scan any wine list when you’re out at dinner to ensure you pick a crowd pleaser. As you use the app Vivino automatically tracks and organisers the wins you scan and rate, creating a fun chart to showcase your wing experiences. The best part? You don’t need to be a wine expert to use it.

3. Zagat 

Credit Picture: Google Play

While Zagat is currently only available in the US, we’re hopeful it will come to Australia soon. Zagat is the ultimate dining guide that aims to cut through the clutter by collecting and analysing reviews not just from consumers who dine, but from experts too. The best part? You don’t get very high or very low ratings skewing the restaurant rating as they must be authenticated by an expert.

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