Three Smart Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

Three Smart Gadgets To Start The New Year

So it’s 2016 and like the story goes, it’s time for all the new years resolutions to do their rounds. Well, with the help of these three gadgets it might just be a little easier to find that healthier and happier you.

Three Smart Gadgets To Start The New Year

Lumo BodyTech

Get that catwalk posture in no time with this little beauty.

Working at a desk job or any job for that matter, it’s so easy to allow your back to slouch. That’s where Lumo can help.Three Smart Gadgets To Start The New Year This brilliant device is small and discrete, simply attach it to your shirt collar or bra strap and get ready for small vibrational reminders to get your posture back in line.

With the ability to track your activity levels at the same time, it’s also perfect for those people who aren’t into fitness trackers that must be worn on the wrist. It comes in a variety of colours or you can purchase a bundle pack which allows you to mix it up! 

R.R.P. $79.99 for the basic model.



Say goodbye to digestion issues and even loose a little weight with this ingenious device!

The HAPIfork was originally developed for clinical use, however it’s now available for the everyday household to help you eat right and get more out of your meals.

HAPIfork assists in tracking your eating habits by gently vibrating and flashing alert lights when you are eating too fast and stores information like the amount of intervals between servings, the amount of servings eaten per minute and the overall time it took to consume your meal.

Three Smart Gadgets To Start The New Year

This is a fabulous way to really track your eating habits and get the most out of your meals. 

R.R.P. $79.00 for one.


Thync – How good feels – Definitely my favourite New Years gadget!  

Ever wished you could instantly shake a mood for a better one or got a quick shot of energy at the click of a button? Well now you can. Introducing the ultimate gadget to change your life for the better.

Thync is a futuristic headband that sends low-level electrical pulses (vibes) to targeted nerves in your brain via a small, non-invasive strip that sits above your right eye. The Thync module targets specific peripheral and cranial nerves to direct you to a state of tranquillity or if desired, give you that coffee induced energy hit – without the coffee – in minutes.

Three Smart Gadgets To Start The New Year

Evidentially there is no need to stress, Thync has been developed by engineers and neuroscientists and undergone rigorous testing to ensure that the device is low-risk and safe for consumer use.

R.R.P. $199.00 for Thync Module.

R.R.P. $19.00 for a packet of 5 calm or energy strips.


The Thync Vibes are controlled through the Thync App which is Compatible with iOS 8+ (iPhone, iPod), Android OS Lollipop and Marshmallow (Samsung S5 & S6, Nexus5 and 5X, Motorola Nexus 6 and Huawei Nexus 6).


Written by Victoria Marszalkowski

Founder and creative director at Luna Life. Currently living in Melbourne, Australia, Victoria has a background in Fashion Design which has led her to launch her label Luna Life that caters for yogis and the like, offering unique active gear for an active life.
Victoria loves travelling the globe and all things nutrition and fitness. More recently, her love of health has pushed her to further her studies into Nutritional Therapy while she continues to drive her business forward.

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