Time To Take The Traditional-watch Route: Traditional VS Smart Watch

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on May 31, 2018

Time To Take The Traditional-watch Route: Traditional VS Smart Watch. Here is the argument for and against new versus old.

Time To Take The Traditional-watch Route. In a digitally driven world, most of us are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to keep in the loop. Whether you have bought yourself a new self-balancing segway scooter to cruise around on, or you have installed an Amazon Echo ft. the linguistic stylings of Alexa in to your house, there are always ways to stay tech-savvy.

But where should we draw the line when it comes to tech?

Take watches for example: are you among the many who has switched to a smart-watch recently?

And, to be fair, there is a great appeal which has won over thousands of consumers. It can send emails, keep track of your appointments for the day, monitor your sleeping patterns and even tell you the weather forecast for next week. However, while your smart-watch might make you appear more tech-forward, many would argue it is not doing anything for your personality or first impression.

Although fashion, trends and styles have changed drastically over the years, the sophistication and sentiment of the traditional-watch wearing individual has largely stayed the same – and we’re not talking about a plastic-looking band on your wrists that is beeping incessantly.

A white paper released by the University of Lancaster and York, UK, which compared personality traits between individuals that wear conventional wristwatches against ones that do not, showed that traditional watch-wearers were ahead in the game. The results showed that those who wore analogue watches not only showed higher levels of conscientiousness, but also arrived significantly earlier to appointments.

Ironic right? With all the exciting features, one would assume that the result would be increased productivity and time-management? But, let’s face it, we are all a little guilty of using our technology to procrastinate, causing major delays to our day. Due to all the distractions that having a watch connected to your social media accounts has, smartwatches have been shown to decrease productivity. In addition, due to their poor battery life, many people found they were charging their watches more than using them.

Adina Watches’ General Manager, Grant Menzies points out that while smartwatches have changed the watch-making game, there is a notable resurgence of traditional and analogue watches.

“Although smart-watches have been growing in popularity over the last few years, it has actually benefited us to a degree – people are now looking for unique timepieces with a strong story in order to stand out from the masses,” he says

A smartwatch, if you flick your wrist in just the right way, may tell you the time and how many unopened emails you have backed up. However, many, including Mr Menzies, would argue that they will never live up to the aesthetic style and character analogue watches bring when worn.

Sydney-based model and fashion blogger Anna Segova stands by this – seen wearing her CT104 R1XS(P) Adina Kensington dress watch as a part of her #ootd. Designed with a contemporary and minimalistic style, rose-plated stainless steel case and soft pink leather strap, this timepiece is the perfect accessory to add a touch of elegance and style to any outfit. There are also another five colours in the strap collection so you can mix and match as the occasion arises. And, as an added benefit, there is no need to charge it every day! Nor will it send you notifications of your ex-boyfriend’s new relationship status… it is a ‘win-win’, really.

So next time you find yourself in the market for a new watch, remember to ask yourself what it is actually or, before you rush towards the latest gadget-watch. Do you really need another hi-tech distraction or did you want a reliable accessory that will compliment your style and show off your personality?

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Women Love Tech would like to thanks Caitlin Burke for this article.

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