Tinder’s Had A Light Bulb Moment – Now You Can Block Your Ex From Seeing Your Profile

By Pamela Connellan
on 7 June 2021

Whether it’s your ex or it’s a work colleague or a friend you don’t want to see on Tinder – now you can block them with a new feature called Block Contacts. Once you’ve added them to your Block Contacts list in your profile settings, they won’t see your profile and you won’t see there’s so no more awkward bumping in to each other on Tinder and we’re thinking there’s already probably a lot of people out there who’ve never clicked on anything so fast before!

We all have those people we don’t want to bump into on a dating site – especially if you’re trying out online dating for the first time or there’s someone you don’t want to run into. In fact, Tinder ran a recent survey which found that more than 40% of respondents have come across an ex partner on a dating app. Another 24% have seen a family member or colleague, and one in ten have even encountered their professor’s profile – Yeeeeeks – that’s awkward.

Tinder Block Contacts

We don’t even need to tell you this but yes, 78% of those in the survey said they’d prefer not see – or be seen by – these connections on a dating app. So, with all of this in mind, Tinder is rolling out a new feature which allows members to block personal contacts in the app, allowing them to use the app and move onto new connections while avoiding the awkwardness of a familiar face they’d rather not see. 

Tinder’s Bernadette Morgan said: “We may not be able to save you from awkward run-ins at the coffee shop, but we are giving you more control over your experience on Tinder.”

“We’re rolling out Block Contacts as an additional resource empowering members with peace of mind by helping create a worry-free space for them to spark new connections,” she added.

Members are now able to access Block Contacts within their profile settings. From there, they can input which of their contacts they’d rather not see, or not be seen by, on Tinder. Whether those contacts are already on Tinder or decide to download it later using the same contact info, they won’t appear as a potential match.

The Block Contacts feature was initially tested in India, Korea and Japan. It was seen in these countries that members who adopted the Block Contacts feature, added about a dozen contacts to their block list.

Tinder was introduced on a college campus in 2012 and it’s now the world’s most popular app for meeting new people. Available in 190 countries and 40+ languages, Tinder is the highest grossing, non-gaming app globally. It’s been downloaded more than 430 million times and led to more than 60 billion matches.

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